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Bee Gees - Number Ones - Universal The Bee Gees were never disco. They were the beginning of modern pop music, as we know it. One of the five top selling artists of all time – just behind Elvis Presley and The Beatles –they’ve sold almost two hundred million records in singles and sales worldwide. Their Saturday Night Fever LP is still the biggest selling soundtrack album of all time – close to thirty years later.

For the brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb had that kind of effect on people. Chronologically arranged, Number Ones is a new 19 song collection that cherry picks the Bee Gees biggest sellers. The trio's early days are represented by classic songs like Words and How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, which were propelled by Barry Gibb's unmistakable falsetto. The group's iconic disco phase begins with such dance-floor classics as Jive Talkin, Stayin' Alive, and You Should Be Dancing. The collection is then topped off by the late '80s cut of You Win Again that sits alongside the classics like Love So Right and Night Fever remarkably well. And just incase you were wondering, yes - How Deep Is Your Love - is here on this one. For those to young to remember, it spent nine weeks at number one also gave the band the first of their seven Grammy Awards. The only thing that’s upsetting here is that More Than A Woman is left of this compilation. And it was a number one hit! And sure the nineties were kind of slow for them – but they bounced back into the limelight in the early and mid nineties – with arguably some of pop music’s finest moments like For Whom The Bell Tolls, Alone and even I Could Not Love You More. On this new compilation, all of those songs are given a miss, making this truly an incomplete collection. The only reason for a hardcore Bee Gees fan to want to get this is for the last song. For the set closes on something of a poignant note - with the track Man In The Middle - dedicated to the memory of the late Maurice Gibb. The untimely passing of Maurice Gibb in 2003 came as a shock to many – for he was a young 53, and the three brothers Gibb probably had many more great years to go on as the Bee Gees together.

One can now only wonder of all those amazing records that they would have recorded in the coming years – for the two remaining brothers have made it very clear, that they will never record again as the Bee Gees since this tragedy occurred. Number Ones is definitely not the best Bee Gees hits package available out there, but at its price, it’s not a bad investment.

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