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Kylie Minogue - Ultimate Kylie - EMI Music To say that she’s a 20th century pop icon would be an understatement. From her illustrious music career, to a movie career, to her foray into her own lingerie, this woman has done it all, seen it all, and something tells us it's only the beginning. She’s every guy's ultimate fantasy. Beautiful, voluptuous, and drop-dead sexy, you can't help but admire every picture of her that you see, and most of the time, our mouths usually end up on the floor.

Kylie Minogue’s never apologized for her pop sound, and she’s turned it up a notch once again with this new greatest hits package. Tantalizingly titled Ultimate Kylie, the album seems to truly live up to the name, with three decades of her hits all collected in one place. From the squeaky clean girl-next-door sound of the mid 1980’s to her evolution as the sexiest woman (and that's the truth!) on the pop charts of today – all the singles are here. In the UK alone Kylie has scored nearly three dozen top 10 hits (which is mind boggling) and this collection captures 33 of them! Oddly out of chronological order, the first disc is loaded with Kylie’s late 1980's and early 1990's dance music produced by the Stock/Aitken/Waterman production team. From her cover of Little Eva’s The Loco-Motion to her big pop hits Better The Devil You Know, Got To Be Certain and Tears On My Pillow – this is a young Kylie close to twenty years ago that not many people know about. Disc two has the more recent and familiar hits – from her chart topping Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Spinning Around to her comeback single from the early 1990’s - Confide In Me. Nick Cave and Robbie Williams collaborations and the hits from recent albums Light Years and Body Language are included here as, truly making this a valid and well-represented greatest hits CD.

And then there’s even a new song I Believe In You – which is destined to become a hit single in its own right. The final word? Just when you thought she couldn't get any bigger, here comes along this best-of set. For this is a great introduction to Kylie Minogue and her music, and one of the grooviest collections of pop music your money can buy. Two thumbs up all the way.

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