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Lola Kutty
The Record gets Channel [V]’s resident chat show host and one-woman video censor board in the hot seat. From Kerala, here is Lola Kutty, in her own words.

“It is not a very pleasant time for me at the moment, because I have broken my leg….
I had gone to Kerala to visit my relatives, you know six months I’ve been staying in Mumbai. So I decided to wear a red saree, I thought it was hip and happening, a good colour and all, and there were some bulls there, they were being given a bath and all. And I thought only Spanish bull does not like red colour but apparently Malayali bull also does not like, and they went chasing me around, so I was running very fast, I was a running champion in school you know. So I was running, the bull was chasing, running, chasing, running… and I fell in a ditch. But the bulls kept running. So I called for help, stretcher and all came, very shrieking I was. That is what happened.”

“How I became a chat show host…
It was a snowball effect – new words I am learning these days – so, anyway, I was doing this video supervisor and I thought that I also want to interview people. See Simi is getting chance, Karan Johar and all, so I thought why not me also? What is wrong? A South Indian girl also wants opportunity no to talk to North Indian heroes and heroines and all. So I talked to boss at Channel [V] and then it just happened. Like that only. You know how Miss Indias say no they just got into acting, like that only.”

“I like interviewing celebrities, they are very friendly…
I had a really rocking time – what words I’m learning – a rocking time with Boman Irani. He’s very funny. Each show is different but you know, people nowadays are wanting to remove my glasses. I am very upset about that. I don’t know, they are all saying ‘Lola take off your glasses.’ I say ‘Excuse me!’ It is very violating for me you know. They all want to see who is behind the glasses. I cannot see then what you will see. I get allergy if I wear contact lenses, my eyes start watering and the guests think I’m crying looking at their face, but it’s not because of that.
You know I thought I was doing a good deed, and I said to Milind Soman, ‘Milind, it is high time you get married and settle down’. I said I will take it upon myself. I will pressurise myself and I will get you a good girl. I showed him so many photos, of all my nieces and cousins. I showed him Blossom, Baby Kutty, Glossy Kutty, Bifocal Kutty, so many I am showing him. He was not interested in them all. You know what he did, he lifted me up! While taking a photo! I told the photographer, ‘Please give it back’. Suppose my mother sees it, she will be upset.”

“There is one celebrity I would love to interview…
I would like to interview Abhishek Bachchan. I like him. He is a very nice, well-brought up boy. I think he should have been a banker. He has such a good look, of a banking professional. Why he has to be an actor? Although he is good at acting. But I think he has a very good corporate look about him. You have any pull in the industry then you can maybe use it.”

“I am not Aunty Scanty…
Let me just say it very clearly because people are misconstruing what I am saying. I don’t have a problem with mini skirts and all. But I just think it is mindless. First of all these rappers really upset me. What is the point of having a rapper, as if that makes a song a remix? And all these girls dancing, so boring to look at. What is the point? There is a girl, she will wear short skirts, she’ll be dancing, she’ll be item girl, do shows abroad, come back, be Miss India, get into acting, into politics. It is a vicious cycle.”

“I am not good at all this self-publicity…
I am a small town girl but I would say the Lola Kutty show is very – I’ll use a Hindi word – hatke. No let’s see, I think it is a good timepass show, in good humour and fun, fun for everyone. Ya that’s it! Fun for everyone!”

“Me becoming a celebrity…
I think it’s just the curly hair you know. Everyone is getting bonding done. Someone asked me the other day ‘You want to relax your hair?’ I said ‘Of course not, it is relaxed as it is’.”

You can read the rest of our feature with Lola Kutty in the January 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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