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Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits - EMI Music It's impossible to write about Robbie Williams' music without looking at the bigger picture. Self-proclaimed King of Entertainment, his every move is documented in the press and he's now the most expensive man in pop thanks to his £80 million record deal with EMI. He's tried his hand at indie-rock, big band swing and even just plain old pop music…and with his Greatest Hits, he doesn’t disappoint with the goods.

After quitting UK's biggest ever boyband Take That, he had even bigger success as a solo star - something still unheard of. Arranged in chronological order, this 19 track gives us Robbie's biggest hits without the boy band, smartly arranged in terms of their release. If you’re not a big Robbie Williams fan, listen to this album, it will surprise you. Since his debut album, Life Through A Lens in 1997, Williams and his writing partner Guy Chambers consistently produced irresistibly impeccable pop nuggets. Spanning less than a decade, this single disc collects personal favourites like Rock DJ, Let Me Entertain You and Millennium, to name but a few. Signature ballads like Angels; She’s The One and No Regrets, sugary and infectious and made-to-order for Top 40 Adult radio, are not left of this CD either. What is left off, are quite a few good songs, most notably his cover of George Michael’s Freedom and the massive UK number one, Somethin' Stupid, the duet he did with Nicole Kidman. That was a song loved by middle-aged housewives and young teens alike. A good reason to get this compilation would be the two new songs - the funky Radio, which recently gave Williams his sixth UK #1 and the new single Misunderstood, which will probably follow into similar success when it finally gets released.

At one time Greatest Hits albums were reserved for musicians with long and illustrious careers, but at the tender age of thirty something, Williams has had enough singles on the charts to justify the release of such an album. Despite pop fans being sick of his omnipresence on the charts, history will most likely be kind to Robbie Williams. And look back at this first collection as maybe a turning point in music. Well recommended.

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