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A Band Of Boys
Karan, Chin2, Siddharth and Sherrin would like to clarify that they have not broken up. Since their last release they’ve switched music labels and gone from being a band of five to a band of four (sans Sudhanshu Pandey) but the group is very much together.

After their hit first album Meri Neend and their not-so-successful film venture, the boys are back, older and wiser, with a new album titled Gaane Bhi Do Yaaron. The Record meets up with them for a conversation.

The Record: We just watched the first video and it looks like you guys are having fun with new release.

Chin2: Yeah. It’s not path-breaking music, not redefining any genre of music ~ it is music that is listenable, that you can dance to, sing to, hum along, and patao your girlfriend to.

Karan: The album title Gaane Bhi Do Yaaron says that we don’t take ourselves too seriously ~ we write music which is simple and people who listen shouldn’t critically analyse it. If you can sing and hum with us we have a great song on our hands. Chin2: If you are bored and want to analyze it we’ll tell you which raga we’ve used and why that minor or major chord. But the first thing that hits you when you listen to music ~ it’s about either liking it or not liking it.

TR: It’s quite a desi song and video for the first single (Nain Khatari). We thought it would be more western.

Chin2: We’re going very desi from the beginning. It’s what we’ve always done, I mean, our shows are not limited to the so-called polished crowd. However there are three songs that are fairly western in their arrangement and melody.

Karan: In fact the more western songs came on suggestion from Universal. They wanted to do a tie-up with one of the international artists, maybe Shania Twain or someone they have in mind. That will probably happen in the second or third video.

TR: Why did you shift music labels?

Karan: Well, we had only a one album contract with Musicurry but because we are loyalists we thought for the second album the first right of refusal should be theirs. We went back to them and said, ‘Look we want to do another album.’ We were only contracted to do one album with them, but since they had done so much for us with the first release and they believed in us when no other music company did. They were not interested at that point and when Universal approached us for the second album we accepted. They’ve been extremely supportive and they had a lot of concepts and ideas. It excited us as well.

Chin2: They’ve given us complete freedom with the music. We needed that. We didn’t want someone to tell us how it should be done. They have been very supportive in us as a band. We have been very hands on with this album now.

TR: Why did Sudhanshu leave the band?

Chin2: When five people were selected for the band in the beginning it was based not just on singing but on our personalities, our ability to interact with the audience and they wanted a multi-faceted person. We all came on board saying singing is it for us. Somewhere Sudhanshu always said, ‘Yes I never wanted to be a singer but everyone has told me I have a great voice so yeah I’ll take it on. But I want to act.’ He came on board saying that.

Karan: At some point we all realized that he really wanted to act and it was difficult for him to maintain the balance between both. Even I’ve been acting but my priority has always been singing. So if I have a concert and a shoot that fall on the same day I will call up the producer and tell him I have to be at the concert and even when I sign any acting jobs, my first conversation is that I am a singer not an actor, so this can’t take priority over my working as a singer.

You can read the rest of our feature on A Band Of Boys in the January 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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