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Air Supply
Few people own just one Air Supply album ~ generally you will either own them all and still listen to them on a regular basis, or you have never heard of Air Supply. The latter would be difficult to comprehend. For well over thirty years and close to twenty-five odd magical records, the tale of Air Supply has wound inexorably through the highest acclaim, with a fanatical word-of-mouth fan base along the way, including Phil Collins, Celine Dion and Rod Stewart to name just a few. Any new material they record is eagerly awaited by millions of fans across the world. Now And Forever…The Very Best Of Air Supply, with 36 of this bands biggest hits collected in one place, is their latest compilation and is at the top of all the music charts here in India and most of world over.

Air Supply Then:
Air Supply began when Englishman Graham Russell met Australian Russell Hitchcock in 1975 while they were cast members for Andrew Lloyd Webber's Australian production of the stage musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Learning they had a similar affinity towards The Beatles, among other things, they became instant friends. Graham, primarily a songwriter, began to show Russell songs he had written and one thing led to another. They began playing the local coffee bars, nightclubs and pizza parlours with just one guitar and two voices. In 1976, the stage production came to its end and they got serious about their music career, taking on a name that came to Graham in a dream ~ Air Supply. A demo consisting of two songs ~ Love And Other Bruises and If You Knew Me ~ was made on a cassette and the two took it to every record company in Sydney.

Every company turned the group down except CBS Records. They made a single in one afternoon and it shot to # 1 on the national charts. Air Supply was born. A full-length album was released in 1977 titled Love And Other Bruises, which climbed as high as # 2 on the Australian charts. Another album, The Whole Thing Started, was released that very same year. An invitation soon came for the boys to tour Australia, Canada and the US with Rod Stewart. The exposure they received while opening for him gave them international attention, but only after the tour ended and Air Supply returned to Australia. Their fourth release, Life Support, spawned the band’s first big # 1 hit in Australia ~ Lost In Love ~ which somehow then found its way to the legendary Clive Davis in New York. Davis immediately signed the band to Arista Records and in 1980 Lost In Love became the fastest selling single in the world as it leaped to the top of the all the charts. Air Supply were on their way.

Air Supply’s Music:
The team of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell were The Carpenters of the early ’80s, with a string of easy listening ballads that crossed over into pop radio and became huge hits. Their first seven singles alone made Billboard's top five on the pop charts and each achieved multi-million plays worldwide. Taking the easy listening sounds of bands like The Beatles and Bread, they emphasized more on the electric guitars and percussion and scored big. The albums Lost In Love, The One That You Love, Now And Forever and Making Love…The Greatest Hits sold in excess of 40 million copies in the ’80s alone. They pioneered of the power ballad format, which bands like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard scored big with in the nineties.

Almost ninety percent of Air Supply's songs include the word ‘love’ in the title. For many of us when we were younger, the sweetest love we knew was Air Supply on the radio. Lost In Love, All Out Of Love and Making Love Out Of Nothing At All were soaring melodies that spoke unashamedly of the feeling that one gets while being in love, and articulated to fans what love should be and feel like. Today, decades later, those songs are still played endlessly on radio.

You can read the rest of our feature on Air Supply in the January 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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