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DJ Vivek
The latest dance track doing the rounds of the cityís nightclubs is DJ Vivekís Jugni Jukebox. The traditional Punjabi folk song laid over dance floor beats is accompanied by a video that is not in the normal remix tradition, and as a result the song is getting some serious airplay. Hereís DJ Vivek in our hot seat this month.

The Record: When did you start DJing?
Vivek: In 2000 I went for a course Ė in fact DJ Suketu and I did the course together at Joe Azeredo acoustic. In 2002 I won the Times Music War Of The DJs National Level Championship. So thatís how I started. I was always into small events in college actually. Once a DJ duped me for a Raindance for Rs. 18,000 and I thought at the time that I should learn how to do this myself. I love music but I was not sure about being a DJ back then. I started working on it, and it really grew on me. Itís been a good journey.

TR: What is your most prized record?
Vivek: The first CD I bought was the Right Here Right Now single by The Chemical Brothers so it is really precious to me. I am also a big fan of ATB and Eminem Ė I wear a lot of his gear. I also like Paul Van Dykís music. One of my other prized songs is a Summer Of Ď69 bhangra remix that I made. I even met Bryan Adams in Delhi but due to some technical difficulties we couldnít play the song for him. It was one of the first bhangra international remixes to be made in India.

TR: You prefer CDs to vinyl?
Vivek: Itís actually more about what you can get your hands on. Like you wonít usually find Hindi tracks in record form. And when it comes to good house tracks you canít find the vinyls easily in India. But I have everything - records, CDs, singlesÖ if I hear a song and like it I will do anything to get it. My records are sourced from a store in Malaysia called Excessive Records and from London Ė some of my airhostess friends get me the music I want when they fly there.

TR: What is the longest set youíve ever played?
Vivek: It was a New Yearís party some time ago at the Taj Landís End and I played from 10 pm to 6 am! It was amazing! You donít feel tired at all - the high you get when you play music just keeps you going. I feel that what goes out through the music comes back to me. If you are happy I am happy. It is just pure understanding between the DJ and the crowd.

You can read the rest of our feature on DJ Vivek in the January 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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