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Record University
Welcome to the first edition of Record University, our brand new monthly feature where we take a break from interviewing music superstars and go meet some of the coolest young people in the country.
Each month The Record will come to your campus and find out what makes you tick, what ticks you off and most importantly, what tunes get your toes tapping. Over-alliteration aside, join us as we go back to college!


- Named after St. Francis Xavier, a Jesuit saint of the 16th Century who travelled to India.

- Established 130 years ago, St. Xavier's College is recognized for its highly rated arts and science program. Its sprawling grounds and Indo-Gothic architecture make it one of the best campuses in the city.

- Is known for its cosmopolitan student body. The roots of this were laid down in 1920 with the addition of a floor to the hostel to provide more accommodation to students coming from outside Bombay. As a result students came (and continue to do so) from all over the country.

College Music Festival
At the beginning of each year St. Xavier’s gears up for Jan Fest organized by the college’s Indian Music Group (IMG). We spoke to Jan Fest executive committee member Radhika Kamat (SYBA) for more:

Tell us about the Indian Music Group.
It is a 32-year-old non-profit, student-run organization started by Zakir Hussain and our main aim is to spread classical music among the youth since the appreciation for classical music is dying down. We organize events all through the year with small mini baithaks taking place in the IMG library. Jan Fest is our annual festival and is the only commercial festival we have – it’s the only festival for which tickets are charged. Every other baithak no matter how big the artist, are all free concerts.

Do students from a western music background also take part in Jan Fest.
Yes and I think the number of student members is increasing by the year. Jan Fest, where we call for volunteers, is their first experience with IMG and they get to know what it’s all about. Otherwise no one really steps in – everyone looks at it like ‘Oh it’s the only AC room in the college’. [Laughs] But when you do Jan Fest you get to know the music, you get used to the atmosphere. That’s when our memberships rise. It’s nice because it’s a new sound for them, something they haven’t really been exposed to before and I think they also like the change.

What’s On Your Playlist

Farhad Dehlvi, 1st Year BMM
- classic rock, jazz, world music
- Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, Indian Ocean, Trilok Gurtu

Rahul D’Souza, SYBA
- Rock, classical, jazz and of late some trip-hop as well.
- Massive Attack, Lamb, classical guitarist Andres Segovia, jazz musician Mike Stern, Guns ‘N Roses, Radiohead, Portishead.

Hitesh Kalia, TYBA
- Alt-rock, hip hop and R&B
- Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fuel, System Of A Down.
Quotable: “The musical scene in Xavier’s sometimes tends to get stuck at Summer of ’69. [Laughs] If you play that right now people are going to go crazy.”

There’s much discussion about the dress code at St. Xavier’s College and rumours float around from time to time about what is allowed and what isn’t. All we can say is, rules or not, we give the students two thumbs up for making the best of the situation, not falling prey to over-branding and putting together some terrific looks that reflect their individual style. And if there are indeed any overly done-up, unimaginative clones walking around, they were absent the day we visited.

Our top picks:

Who: Eden Shyodhi, FYJC Arts
Why: In the crowded college canteen, Eden stood out dressed a style that we like best: ultra cool without any over-the-top flash. The cool hat, which we liked best, was a gift from her dad that she had received that very morning.
Style Icons: VJ Anusha Dandekar, Koena Mitra and Christina Aguilera
Quotable: “Fashion here is very different as we have lots of rules like no wearing sleeveless. But it still rocks because we then make an effort and end up putting together some better style ideas of our own.”

You can read the rest of Record University in the January 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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