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Eminem - Curtain Call - Universal He’s the world’s biggest rap artist, with nine Grammy awards and an Oscar to his name. The news that Eminem is about to retire has being doing the rounds recently, and he adds fuel to that fire by releasing the obligatory greatest hits collection and giving it a definite name.

Curtain Call is his fifth release and the first to compile all his biggest singles in one place. His fourth straight debut at # 1 in the US, with 17 tracks you get your money’s worth. It includes the middle finger waving My Name Is, the swinging The Real Slim Shady, the bizarre Just Lose It and Lose Yourself from the 8 Mile Soundtrack, to name a few.

All the obvious songs are present, but the track listing is in a strange order and some essential singles are not included. Eminem's (President) Bush bashing song Mosh, the cool Forgot About Dre and the satirical White America are given a miss, keeping this from being a perfect package. But for your money’s worth, production is strong throughout this set and it does showcase Eminem at his most creative best.

Long time fans will want the album mostly for the three new offerings. The first new single When I’m Gone is already in the top 5 the world over. Plus, the set ends on a high note with an update on the classic Stan, the one included here is the never before released Grammy show version with Elton John, which makes album a definite four star deal.

For those with a little extra to spend, there's also a 2 CD version available, which includes Stan's Mix tape and 2 tracks previously unheard. Whether this truly is Eminem's final release or not, we’ll just have to wait and see. If it is, Curtain Call is an impressive way to go out with a bang.

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