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Marit Larsen
Cool pop grooves, a classical music sensibility, echoes of Norwegian folk music and the essence of the small moments of everyday life ~ that in a nutshell describes Marit Larsen’s debut release Under The Surface. The 23-year-old Norwegian is a pleasure to interview ~ friendly and articulate with a strikingly melodic speaking voice. Read on as The Record brings you all the things you need to know about Marit including her new album, her years in the music business and her first trip to India last October.

1. If She Looks Familiar To You, It’s Because You Have Seen Her On Music Television Years Ago…
Larsen first caught people’s attention in her teen years, as one half of the Norwegian duo M2M. The duo enjoyed considerable success and their hit Don’t Say You Love Me, off the Pokemon soundtrack, played frequently in India.

When it came time to launch herself as a solo artist, Larsen was clear about the plan. She says, “I wanted to have the opportunity to show people what my music sounded like and what I sounded like alone because so many people related to M2M’s music and that inspired me a lot but it was only half mine. [Smiles] I felt a strong need to share my own music and lyrics and give a 100% of myself in the music.”

The hard work paid off when her debut album Under The Surface released in Europe this year to both critical and commercial acclaim. The 11 track record (written almost entirely by Larsen) debuted at #3 on the sales chart in her native Norway and the first single went straight to #1. In March 2006, after just three weeks of sales, the album became a certified gold record, selling over 20,000 copies. In November 2006, Larsen won the award for Best Norwegian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Even though she had enjoyed success before as part of a duo, this was a fresh and thrilling experience. She says, “The feedback has been fantastic. I think the greatest feedback is that people have been coming to my concerts to see me play live. That feels great! The first time when the audience was singing along with my songs was a very magical moment.”

2. ‘The Small Moments Of Everyday Life Set To Lilting Melodies’ Is An Appropriate One-Line Description Of Her Album.
Larsen tells us that this album has been years in the making. “I’ve been working on the melodies ever since I started making music around age 13 and in my lyrics I write about the small moments in everyday life that make you feel alive.” The title track Under The Surface is one of her favourites. She tells us, “The title track is very personal to me. The song was written when I was having a rough time in my life ~ I was looking into my boyfriend’s eyes and wondering if he was still thinking about his ex-girlfriend… [Smiles] All the songs on my album are very different because they were written over a very long period of time. I share a lot of myself on the record, that’s why I called it Under The Surface.”

Ask her what’s under the surface of Marit Larsen and she laughs, “I think I might be a little bit like my record. I am bubbly and smiley on the outside, but there are many layers, like the many songs I write on this record. The songs all have my stories in them.”

You can read the rest of our feature on Marit Larsen in the January 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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