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Mobb Deep
With hits like Put ĎEm In Their Place and Have A Party, hip-hop duo Mobb Deep had generated enough buzz around their act to get Indian fans geared up to watch them perform live in Mumbai city. The Record had the chance to spend a few minutes with one half of the duo ~ rapper/producer Havoc ~ as rapper Prodigy was unavailable due to illness. After Havoc obliged an enthusiastic fan with a photograph and an autograph we sat down with him for some quick questions.

The Record: Welcome to India. How did we make it on to your tour map?
Havoc: [Laughs] I got good booking agents you know what I mean! They book me all over the world in places you couldnít imagine. I never thought I would come perform here in India but here I am! And itís a blessing. We were supposed to be in Chile recently and that was another place I didnít think we would be ~ on our way there though, one of the engines on the plane blew out, it was on fire and there was smoke coming out and we had to make an emergency landing so Iím just glad to be here safe, you know what I mean.

TR: Indian fans are really getting into Put ĎEm In Their Place and Have A Party ~ tell us a bit about those songs.
Havoc: Well, the stories behind making those records are kind of funnyÖwe made those records before even being a part of G-Unit Records. What [G-Unit founder] 50 Cent would do was he would email us songs and we would work on the tracks and send them back and those two that we worked on ended up being our first two singles.

TR: Whatís it like being a part of a big collective like G-Unit?
Havoc: Being a part of G-Unit is like ~ once youíre in there, youíre like family. Itís like a family vibe and atmosphere, they take you in like a brother or cousin and it just helps you create better music because the vibe is so strong.

TR: After singing about some pretty meaningful issues for over a decade, how do you feel about the new hip-hop being primarily about babes and bling?
Havoc: [Laughs] Yeah, you know I welcome change but I feel that the reason that Mobb Deep has lasted so long is that we never catered to that change. We always rap about the street and stay true to ourselves. We donít say ĎOkay now we got to follow this trendí, we say true to us. I donít mind change, it is good but you have to stay true to yourself.

You can read the rest of our feature on Mobb Deep in the January 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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