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Guitar Anthems - Various Artists If you want to know what the “IN” compilation in Hard Rock this year - you need not venture further than this page. For a sampling of what was great during the first wave of Heavy Metal & Hard Rock (circa 1970 to 1980's for a majority of these tracks), Guitar Anthems comes across as a pretty good collection.

With some of the hottest names in hard and metal rock on this one - from Paranoid by Black Sabbath, Highway Star by Deep Purple, Mony Mony by Billy Idol and even some classic Motorhead - this is just what the metal head ordered. With some of the biggest names in hard rock and metal music for you to shatter your eardrums to - if you're a metal head, you probably will be listening to nothing else for quite awhile. Still, though I am disappointed by the lack of better material (where's Judas Priest or even Whitesnake for that matter?) - the line up is not to be argued with. This will appeal to those who enjoy these budget releases (the CD is priced really cheap!), but the common track listing probably will deter others - for a true metal head already has all these songs in his collection. If you don't - well this is your chance to do so.

If this stuff is way before your time and you haven't recognized most of the stuff here - a word of advice - if you loved the Daredevil or the Spiderman soundtrack, then this one is just up your alley. All that's left - is for you to bang your head to the music and rock on.

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