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Boy bands maybe yesterday’s news, but The Record talks exclusively to Alf from Australia’s newest offering North and presents 10 reasons why you should give these young men a listen.

1: They write their own songs.
Of the 12 tracks on the album the band has written 10 of them. Says Alf, “It’s pop, dance, and R&B influences on the songs. We’ve all had a lot of input in writing the album and producing it. And we’re just so happy at the release.” He’s also realistic about being perceived, initially, as just another boy band. “(People) probably won’t get it because I guess how could you tell? But I hope that because we did do everything ourselves, because we’re so passionate and it’s our experience, it’s who we are and we’re promoting our music and our look and dancing…I hope that comes through in our passion and hopefully talking to people like you and other media, the public will learn we do everything ourselves and are proud of what we do.”

2: Alf is the producer.
Alf started his music at a very early age and wrote his first song when he was 8 years old. Alf engineered and produced the entire North album without any assistance. He also wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on the album. Alf's 6'3" frame makes him stand out from the rest of the group but is one of the quietest of the four, preferring to work on the music and his craft rather than go out and party. He is a self-admitted 'neat freak' and has amazing attention to detail. Alf is extremely proud of his first album and can't wait to meet fans and perform in Asia.

3: Scott is a graphic artist.
Alf tells us, “Scott is a graphic designer and he has designed the band’s website, CD artwork, and posters. Scott also has arranged most of the songs on the album, played strings, and written the harmonies.”
Scott started singing when he was eight and studied piano and violin for 13 years and performed with the Australian Boys Choir for two years. His four loves are his music, the gym, the beach and sleeping in. His musical influences are more of a classic nature including Leonard Bernstein and Danny Elfman (writer of The Simpsons theme).

4: Thanh is a vocal coach.
According to Alf, “Thanh is an amazing vocalist – he actually has experience as a vocal coach. He also coaches us with our vocals.” At age 22 Thanh is already a veteran of performing live. He has been performing since he was 8 years old and a member of the Australian Children's Choir since 10. A diversion to pursue a tennis career only kept Thanh away from music for a couple of years. But singing and piano lessons became a part of his life from the age of 15. One of the smartest students in his class, Thanh also studied classical music as part of his education. He completed an IT course during his early days with North and now is an in-demand singing teacher whilst making the group his first priority.

5: Beau is a dancer and stylist.
Alf considers himself the ‘most improved dancer’ but tells us that the real mover and shaker in the band is Beau. “Beau is our stylist, he’s bit of a funky boy, great with fashion so he’s taken into account our own personal tastes and created a look that we’re happy with. He’s also our choreographer so he teaches us our moves.” An exciting dancer, Beau has been a huge contributor to the way the group looks and moves. He counts Prince as one of his major musical and style influences - you can see it every time he walks onto the stage. He's forgetful, untidy and takes each day as it comes along but has never missed a single rehearsal for North and puts in 110% for every performance. Beau is a professional model and dancer in Australia and studies singing with Thanh. He has choreographed many corporate events and studied arts for three years after completing his schooling.

You can read the rest of our feature on North in the July 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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