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#1s (37 Of The Greatest #1 Singles Of All Time)  -  Various Artists This one I really liked. A funky tongue in cheek compilation with some really cool music you probably won't find anywhere else. If you love the music of the 1970's right upto the funky 00's, then look no further.

For this is one of those compilations that is sure to have you going "Oh my God, remember this one" throughout its two hour journey of solid chart hits. Not to be confused with a compilation that came out about a couple of months back with almost the same title - the double CD #1s proudly boasts of 37 Of The Greatest #1 Singles Of All Time - and looking at the track listing it could get away with that statement! From John Lennon doing (Just Like) Starting Over to a bit of Paul McCartney with No More Lonely Nights - before moving on to a bit of the Bee Gees, Abba and even some Duran Duran (they've haven't been found on a compilation in ages!) - The nice thing is that there's a lot of classic stuff over here. Throw in a bit of A-Ha with the original Take On Me and Lionel Richie doing his Hello act - and you know that this one's for keeps. Granted, if you have an extensive collection of albums in your music library, then you probably have all of these tracks already. Still instead of putting together a collection like this yourself, you can just pick up this one.

Of course there are some pretty mediocre tracks and artists that don't belong here at all (specially the Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez tracks) but then stuff like Enrique Iglesias doing Hero and British chanteuse Dido singing Here With Me more than makes up for that goofy blunder. All in all - a pretty sweet singing deal. There's something for everyone here, from classic rock to modern pop and R&B. Well recommended.

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