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You bet Vivek Oberoi is a real cool dude endowed with a lean mean looks tinged with an infectiously winsome smile and a round the clock mischief twinkling in his brownish pool of crinky eyes. Not to speak of the lustrous and the floppy mop of hairs which are perhaps just not enough to hide all that he feels inside. Needless to add that he comes across endearingly and really succeeds in sweeping everyone off their feet and thereby winning even their last breath of awe and admiration, love and respect all at one go.

No doubt, after hopping on to the bandwagon of Ram Gopal Verma’s Company, with a debuting grayish streak intact, he had made a steady move through the same camp’s Road to ‘Stardom’, which he feels still eludes him, albeit laden with pitfalls and potholes of the so called Bollywoodian terra firma. Later on this latest teen Yuva had even displayed a lot of hidden Dum, attuning to his mentor Ramuji’s philosophy of Darna Mana Hai, and a zingy Masti too more specially after being besotted himself with not one but two beautiful Saathiyas. Yes believe it or faint but his first off screen crush was for none other than the Bengali Babe, the Queen bee, Rani Mukherji with a final stopover at the ‘Ash’ station. Need the name Aishwarya Rai be spelt out !

Next, to clear the air once and for all, engulfing a whole lot of the past, the present and the future of ‘The Oberoi Jr State Of Affairs’ like his constant proneness to accidents galore, his brief inaccessibility to the Paparazzi, allegations of award fixings, his animal love, his fall out with his first co-star Antara Mali, the final say on his break off with his fiancée Gurpreet Kaur, his first love – the Rani Mukherji episode, the after effects of the midnight hungama with the blue blooded Khan and above all the latest lowdown on his ‘Ash’ y liaison of course interspersed with a nostalgic trip down his professional memory lane to rewind in a cul de sac fast forward too, Shaheen Raaj had cornered the Oberoi Baba during his convalescent phase no not in his abode but on the sets of his forthcoming movies Kyoon Ho Gaya Na and Kisna. Tune in with care.

The Record: So how is the Papa’s boy feeling now ?
Vivek Oberoi: Excuse me ! For your kind information in my house I am better known as PAMA’s boy.

TR: Really ! Now what does PAMA means ?
VO:Simple. It’s a cocktail of Papa’s boy and Mama’s boy too. And I am feeling fine, I am feeling great unless of course, God forbid, if this highly adorable PAMA’s boy falls a victim to his accidental proneness again.

TR: So have you tried to analyze the actual reasons of these accidental proneness phenomena of yours ?
VO: You bet I did. In fact my whole family did. Not only my parents but even the distant relatives ke relatives bhi. Yet no one has still been able to fathom the root cause of my constantly recurring accidental proneness. Can you guys enlighten me ? Besides whenever I come back from this accidental trips of mine the hungama that erupts in the hospital and then in the house is really seen to be believed. While poor me is confined in isolation with all my activities and even my Cellular Communications cut off, there emerges an all rounder hectic activities of an alien kind. Not to speak of the round the clock visits of the Mujjawars, the Pandits and of course the Docs.

TR: What about the astrologers, the palmists and the numerologists ? Do they also feature in the invitees list ?
VO: You bet they too are most welcome. And that’s my mom’s fascinating field. But I still think what’s the point ? But during such times I am not allowed to utter a single word. So until I am well and able to walk again I am just supposed to be a mute spectator to all the goings on.

You can read the rest of our exclusive interview with Vivek Oberoi in the July 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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