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Asian Dub Foundation - Tank - EMI Whether it is fair to say so or not, Asian Dub Foundation have been considered the Brit-Asian version of Rage Against The Machine. Tank, their first new studio album since 2003’s Enemy Of The Enemy is another testament to their intensity, rage and very vocal response to a world at war.

Right from the furious drum-and-bass kick-off with the opening track Flyover it is clear that the band, in spite of some line-up changes in recent years is all set to assault the passive listener into identifying with their cause.

The title track may open with what sound like strings out of a retro Bollywood flick but there is no denying the message within vocalist Ghetto Priest’s lazily drawled ragga rap when he sings ‘The wheels of the tank keep turning round and round / how many megatonnes will it take to make them turn around?’ before the rolling dhol and breakbeat percussion takes the song forward into organised chaos. Round Up provides one of the albums most clearly hip-hop moments in a collection of songs that have until that point ensured that the ‘asian’ part of the band’s name is treated with utter seriousness.

On the whole, band member changes aside, this is another album that attempts to set the record straight on the world’s opinions about war and its validity. ADF is clearly an act devoted to ensuring that Britain’s Asian population as well as all their fans have a voice and that voice is clearly saying a resounding, ‘No!’ to global conflict and all its attendant problems.

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