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Various Artists - Breaking Hits - Universal Compilation albums can be a great way for music fans to get all their favourite hits in one well thought out collection. Unfortunately, hastily put together compilations, designed simply to swell a record company’s coffers provide a disservice to both consumers and repertoire owners because the bond of trust between buyer and seller suffers another blow when genuine paying music fans are forced to purchase a collection they don’t want just to officially own a few tracks they don’t yet have.

The eighteen ‘hits’ featured on the recently released Breaking Hits collection is an album that falls in the middle ground between ‘must have’ and ‘pass’. Tracks like Akon’s Lonely, Gwen Stefani’s What You Waiting For, Nitty’s Nasty Girl and perhaps Blue’s version of Get Down On It are the tracks that a pop music fan might want in their collection of must have tracks.

It is debatable however whether songs like Lift Me Up by Moby and Believe by The Chemical Brothers even fit into this collection. They might be (relatively) new but both, the level to which these two tracks were actual hits as well as their compatibility with the poppier nature of the other tracks on this collection, make them stand out, and not necessarily in a good way.

Whereas the artists featured on this compilation are mostly recognisable names, the music on offer isn’t necessarily skip-free. If a compilation album is truly expected to generate more visibility and potential sales for artists whose albums might not immediately be considered worth purchasing, it is very important for a compilation to engage the listener. Too many songs on Breaking Hits do not do that.

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