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The Killers - Hot Fuss - Universal With the track Somebody Told Me The Killers have ensured that they will atleast own a small footnote in pop history because of the mix of those lyrics wrapped with that unforgettably catchy hook. Vocalist Brandon Flowers’ charismatic vocal delivery is another plus for this band debuting at a time when the ‘The’ bands threaten to overwhelm the casual music lover in a confusion of band names that can never be untangled.

While it might have been easy to dismiss the band as a one-hit wonder, it is harder to disregard this Las Vegas area ensemble after the success of their follow-up single Mr. Brightside. Depending upon how you say it the very title of the song has a dual meaning.

The elaborate production on their music videos as well as the band’s unapologetic borrowing of form and even some substance from 80s-era British bands has guaranteed that they will shine fairly brightly for their proverbial fifteen minutes of fame.

Hot Fuss is a worthy debut and if sensible management and career choices are the order of the day, the band might have a long and distinguished recording career. Of course next time around they might have to seek influences from further back in time or actually attempt to do something shockingly original.

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