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8 July, 2005 saw over 1,500 fans and four of Mumbai’s best rock bands come together exclusively for an event conceptualised and produced by your very own Record Music Magazine. Helga’s Funk Castle, Pin Drop Violence, Zero and Pentagram rocked the jam-packed house for three straight hours. An added bonus – goodies galore! Giordano Timewear generously gave away watches and one lucky winner walked away with a 20 GB iPod from Apple!

Playing in front of a 15-foot backdrop, Helga’s Funk Castle kicked things off in style. Their high-energy brand of musical fusion really set the mood for the evening. Their original tracks were received with as much enthusiasm as their Rage Against The Machine cover. The evening also marked the launch of their debut album Thank You For Coming.

When heavy-metal rockers Pin Drop Violence took the stage, the energy levels were elevated by the roar of vocals, guitars and drums to an extent that caused the mosh-pit to turn into a human-whirpool. At one point during the set, every single audience member had their hands raised high in the air saluting the band on stage in an image designed to elicit goose-bumps from the casual viewer.

Alt-rockers Zero gave off such a laid-back and confident air as they stepped up to perform that it was almost a surprise when they kicked things into high gear and raged through some really well-received originals. By far the most requested track of the evening was their original composition PSP. The audience was just waiting for the signal to launch into the simple yet addictive chorus.


We still can’t stop saying it!

The grand finale to this testosterone charged evening was the much-anticipated Pentagram performance. Recently back from the prestigious Glastonbury festival, Vishal, Randolph, Papal and Shiraz were in high spirits and started their set with a Prodigy-Seal mash-up that drove the crowd absolutely wild. When the band moved on to their originals, all the audience could do is find fresh reserves of energy to kept up.

The end of the evening saw members from all four bands come together on stage. The audience roared their thanks and an exhausted, thoroughly satisfied set of rockers trudged back home but not before letting us know that they were looking forward to more such events. The Record Music Magazine has set the ball rolling. Watch out for more events designed to turn the little snowball into a giant avalanche!


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