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Agony Aunty
I am studying in a boarding school and for past two weeks Iím writing letters to a girl in another boarding school but she is not sending me any reply but instead she wrote a letter to his cousin who is in my class to get some info about me. Now tell me what I should do.
Kunal, 14

Dear Kunal,
Take this as a golden opportunity and become the cousinís best friend! Havenít you seen enough Hindi movies? As they say ~ Pyar kiya to darna kya? But donít get too close, or the cousin might hit on your cousin. It is a viscous cycle. By the way, may I know if your boarding school is on top of a hill?

My boyfriend of two years and I broke up last summer. I was very upset for a while but Iím slowly getting over it. But now I recently found out that my best friend is secretly going out with him and Iím very hurt and angry. Please tell me if I should confront them or not.
Aarti, 17, Kolkata

Dear Accomodating Aarti,
If your boyfriend is not your boyfriend anymore, is your best friend still your best friend? You can confront them, but never look back. And send them a condolence card. Itís the least you can do to show your support.

I was sending an SMS to my best friend telling her how much I like this guy friend of mine but I accidentally sent it to him instead! Now he has been avoiding me. He will not talk to me and will go away if he sees me anywhere around him. I like him but I donít want to lose his friendship if he doesnít like me back. How can I let him know that?
Poorna, 16, Indore

Dear Precautionary Poorna,
Sometimes two wrongs make a right. Write another SMS to your best friend with all your above-mentioned feelings. And send it to the boy by mistake. Again!

I think my younger brother is stealing from my parents. They cannot find things and think that they have lost them, but then I find them in his room and he does not tell them he has them. Once I saw him going through my motherís purse when she had gone to the neighbourís house. How do I approach him without accusing him?
Alan, 18, Chennai

Dear Accuser Alan,
Your long arm should point your brother in the righteous road, before the long arm of the law catches up with him. Tell him heís got it all wrong, its CHARITY that begins at home, not BURGLARY! ).

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