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You don’t have to look too hard to find talented people with dreams of success and stardom; they’re at every turn, in every walk of life, and the vast majority are of the variety that, given some assurance of a ‘great reward’, just might have applied themselves, or made the necessary sacrifices to enjoy the success that only a handful ever realize.
The ones we often call ‘the chosen few’ can often be more aptly described as 'The Few That Chose'; people like Glen Drover form that rare breed that somehow managed to sustain the focus, perseverance, and drive required to join the ranks of the elite in their field, despite the absence of promises of fame or fortune. They just do what they love… Quietly, confidently and without complaint, out-working, out-lasting the competition, ignoring petty criticism and keeping their eye on the ultimate prize: to become the very best at what they do while enjoying the process of creating something uniquely their own regardless of whether the accolades follow or not.
In 2004, twenty-plus years of strict dedication and unwavering commitment suddenly paid off for this Quebec, Canada native when the Megadeth lead guitar spot opened up. Drover was teaching guitar at a local Ontario, Canada music store, busily building a name with burgeoning cult-favourites Eidolon, when Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine heard his explosive, emotionally-charged lead guitar playing on some self-produced discs, which also happened to feature the powerful and sophisticated drumming of his brother, Shawn Drover. Within a few weeks, Mustaine offered the mega-talented Canadian axe-slinger the chance of a lifetime, and it wasn’t long before he was turning heads among guitar enthusiasts the world over, winning new fans on each stop along the way of Megadeth’s Blackmail The Universe tour with brother Shawn behind the drums.

The Record caught up with Glen recently just days before he was off to make his recorded Megadeth debut, which will likely catapult him into the realms of bona fide guitar hero as one of metal's true icons.

The Record: Now that you’re a member of one of metal’s most influential acts, it must be both personally rewarding, and also a bit surreal…
Glen: Yeah it really is. Shawn and I have always had our dreams, but we were also very realistic, because it’s always been about the love of music ~ ever since the early nineties when I picked up a few pieces of recording equipment and started to put together a studio so we could just write and put something together ~ and since that time it’s really come a long way. We actually started with just a four-track (cassette) recorder, and it was all just about making music…if we could actually do something with it, great, but we’d still be doing it either way. And now, with the situation we are in, it’s really nice, and it’s pretty surreal sometimes, because we get to see the world and do all these things that we love to do with Megadeth, and we still have time in between to work on our own stuff, so it’s pretty cool.

TR: Can you take us back to the audition?
Glen: I was actually contacted by someone who is a fan of the Eidolon stuff; this particular guy lives in England, and his name is Sam. We met in Germany when Eidolon played the Wacken Metal Fest in 2003, and Sam and Shawn did the e-mail thing back and forth ~ staying in touch, basically just exposing each other to new records and stuff. Anyway, he also does the same thing with other people, and one of those people is Dave McRobb, who is the webmaster for A year prior to my being contacted by Megadeth, Sam had sent him a copy of Eidolon’s Coma Nation record that we did in 2002. Dave liked it, and so like a year has passed at this point, and Jeff Watters from Annihilator was supposed to have the gig, but for whatever reason that didn’t pan out, so Sam says, “Hey, what about Glen ~ remember that Eidolon record I sent you?”
McRobb calls me up and says, “I put in a good word for you,” and shortly after Dave Mustaine and I are sending emails, and he’s checking out some clips of me on the net with Eidolon, and two weeks later, Dave gave me the gig. The audition process was not me going down there and playing with the band; I sent him a couple of our records, and I also made a video of me playing a couple Megadeth songs just so he could see and hear how I might or might not fit in playing Megadeth music. Also during this two-week period we’re talking quite a bit, and Dave is getting to know me a little, just checking things out, you know; asking if the situation is good on my end to do this, was the interest there ~ which of course it was… Everything just worked out, and about a month later I was in Arizona getting ready for our first North American tour with the new line-up.

TR: Mustaine has always had a reputation for having exceptionally high standards, and you’re filling some pretty big shoes. Was there an element of intimidation going in to this?
Glen: Not really more than with any other band of this profile and calibre. Of course, there is that initial phase of ‘is this going to work?’ It just clicked right away, with me playing along with Dave, and with the interaction between us, it just felt like we’d been playing together for years. There was instant chemistry…and a week later my brother enters the fold, which is another story altogether, so now you got a serious chemistry!
Shawn and I have played together since I was like ten, and when you put all these things together you’re going to have something pretty special ~ and we do. Now we have James Lomenzo on bass, who is working out great; great player, great feel, cool vibe, who comes from a background of all these high calibre bands like David Lee Roth and Black Label Society, and the list goes on. So we’ve got a really solid line-up right now.

You can read the rest of our cover story on Christina Aguilera in the July 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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