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Las Ketchup - Bloody Mary (Un Blodymary) - Warner Every couple of years you can count on some catchy Spanish groove taking on the global hit parade, in the 1980s there was the Lambada, 1990s the Macarena, and for this decade so far it’s been The Ketchup Song. The Las Ketchup Muñoz sisters Lola, Lucia and Pilar took the world by storm with that song, for when all was said and done, the summer of 2002 was the summer of Las Ketchup.

As children, the sisters had no plans of forming a band, and the popularity of that song came as much of a surprise to them as it did to radio stations worldwide. Now as a four girl group, (sister Rocío seems to have signed up as well for the ride), latest effort Bloody Mary (Un Blodymary) hopes to prove that their presence in pop history will not be meaningless, though their songs may be.

Daughters of famous flamenco guitarist Juan Muñoz, the prevalent flamenco influence on the ten tracks here pays homage not only to their father but also to their gypsy heritage. Gypsy pop has a long and glorious history in Spain, and Las Ketchup update it for the 21st century over a bounding rumba dance beat. First single Bloody Mary (Un Blodymary) for better or for worse is stuck in everybody's heads, and it gets the ball rolling for this irresistibly cheesy, slapped-together fun album just like their novelty debut.

Combining elements of Spanish rumba, Jamaican reggae and old school hip-hop, tracks like Imagina, Paparazzi and Doble Bombo surprisingly showcase these girls as capable pop singers rather than a one hit wonder act. Not as catchy when compared to the first effort, but it’s still a bonafide soundtrack to get any party going.

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