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Coming up on a decade, Hanson has recorded three watershed records: Middle of Nowhere, This Time Around and the upcoming third new release Underneath.
The Record Music Magazine brings you an exclusive telephonic interview with the youngest member of the trio, Zac.

The Record (TR): It has been four years since your last album, what have you guys been upto?
Zac: Thereís a lot going on. For one, we founded our own label, which was a big thing. And that took a lot of time as we had a lot of business partners. Besides that, personal things like Taylor got married and had a baby and you know, itís just things like that, that have kept all of us so busy. Plus we recorded a lot of music, which we made for the album. In fact we recorded over 80 songs and produced it ourselves and did things, which we havenít done before. We have been involved in every piece and facet of the production. We have enough material for another album.

TR: And whatís the new album all about?
Zac: I suppose itís the most statistical record that we have released so far. There are a few more new sounds in the album and a little more organic to hear. The album showcases something that other albums havenít shown. You could say the difference is in the style of writing on this album which is new, the way itís been produced and just letting the songs speak for themselves like it hasnít been done before. There has always been a lot of depth in the songs that we write, you really go into the lyrics and listen to what we are saying, I guess with each song you write and each time you produce, you get better.

TR: So you have Michelle Branch on this album. How did that come about?
Zac: Itís just that passion and love for making music that got us together. You know itís a community of building artists and making music that can affect people. As for Michelle, weíve known her since a long time even before she was on a record label as an individual artist. She opened for us on one of our tours.

TR: Going back a few years, you guys were pretty young when MmmBop made headlines. How did you guys handle the fame then?
Zac: I guess that thereís an understanding that youíre lucky at times. There are so many music artists and musicians who are amazing, at that stage you really feel nice about the gift that you have been given. You feel very happy and blessed that you are respected and that you have made a difference to people out there. Its not just about me, hey, Iím so great. Itís more about the music and what you as an artist have given them. Just be true to your audience and do good.

TR: You have been in the band from the beginning. Whatís the journey been like so far?
Zac: Iíve been a musician since I was six years old and weíve been a band for 12 years. Thereís nothing more fun than going on stage and playing a rock show and banging the drums and seeing the excitement in all the fans. We also enjoy recording albums, recording the music, putting your heart and soul and making the music. Itís not that you donít enjoy it, itís just that you want to do it, you have to respect it.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Hanson in the June 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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