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Rock Reunion - Various Artists It seems like only yesterday to us, that John Lennon was shot dead and Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat. But it's been long enough to inspire this compilation on recalling the tunes that made us want to rebel against our parents and the school system while growing up. For if you grew up in the 80's and early 90s, chances are you'll remember singing along to most of these songs for they were so rocking good!

With 16 tracks and a whole lot of rock and roll to boot - Rock Reunion is definitely one of the best compilations youll get to see this entire year. Sure, maybe a few of these songs on this disc are pretty common amongst 80's fans like Tears For Fears and their Everybody Wants To Rule The World or Bryan Adams with his Kids Wanna Rock - but there are a few seriously excellent lesser known tracks that you probably wont find anywhere else. Stuff like The Scorpions with their moody Send Me An Angel, Del Amitri with the excellent Always The Last To Know and the hyperactive sugary pop of INXS on their track Disappear (a track from the classic 80s teen flick Mystery Date) are great moments from a time when music was catchy, clever and optimistic.

It could be argued that much of what's included in this set actually belongs on a 70's collection - Supertramp with their The Logical Song, Santanas Black Magic Woman and Deep Purples Highway Star but all told - its also a snapshot of the golden (and unacknowledged) early 80's period when bands could still chuck out the classic stuff. Kids born in the late eighties and early nineties should get their hands on this one, just to see all the cool stuff they missed out on.

All in all, you get pretty good bang for your buck with Rock Reunion and the point of a hit compilation like this one, is to help you add songs you do not have to your music library. And it lives up to that, for youre easily provided with at least half a dozen songs worth having - that you probably didnt have before. It sure beats the heck out of today's music. Highly recommended.

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