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Rishi Rich Project
Taking both the UK music scene and Bollywood by storm, The Rishi Rich project proves that desi cool is indeed where itís at. The Record catches up with Rishi, Juggy D and Jay Sean.

The Record: How did the song U & I come to be in the movie Hum Tum?
Rishi: I was approached by Yash Raj films to write and produce a track for their new movie entitled Hum Tum. They wanted the track to be called the same name as the film so that was that.

TR: We hear that the shoot for the video was interesting. Tell us about it.
Rishi: The video was all good actually. Itís nice to get out of London sometimes, the vibe was really positive. I think you can see how much of a laugh we had on set by the mood of the video. It was more of a vacation than work to be honest.

TR: Can we expect any more Bollywood projects from you?
Rishi: Definitely. Iíve already been back to Mumbai since the Hum Tum movie working with Sonu Nigam (among others). I think Yash Raj are very happy with what I delivered for them so hopefully theyíll be more opportunities soon, Iím looking forward to it.

TR: Juggy D, tell us about your new album.
Juggy D: Itís dropping in the UK at the end of July. There are 10 tracks produced by Rishi & Mentor (Rishiís younger brother) who is a baad producer, heís gonna be massive. Iíve got a couple features on there from Jay Sean & Don Dee and Iím really proud of the album. Itís got a definite uptempo/party feel to it but there are a few surprises on there musically and with lyrical content so look out for it hitting the rest of the world very soon.

TR: Jay Sean, youíve been signed to Relentless/Virgin Records. Does being part of a major label bring about a change in the music you make?
Jay Sean: Not at all. Iíve always tried to treat my music as if Iím still not signed. I think itís important to remain very creative and not be scared to say what you mean. Or else you start to lose sight of who you really are. Gotta be honest man.

TR: Also tell us about your debut single Eyes On You.
Jay Sean: Well itís a dance-floor friendly song which leads on nicely from Dance With You. The B-side Me Against Myself shows the other side to me which is my hip hop influence. Iíve been rapping since I was 12 years old and itís a big part of my musical influence.

TR: Me Vs Myself sounds very interesting. How did you come up with the idea of Jay Ďthe singerí verbally duelling with Jay Ďthe MCí?
Jay Sean: Itís just something I wanted to do, and instead of just putting a 8 bar rap on one of my tunes I wanted to take the time to do something creative. Plus I though it would be quite amusing to make fun out of myself. You canít take yourself too seriously in this game.

TR: Which role do you have more fun with?
Jay Sean: The rapper definitely.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with the Rishi Rich Project in the June 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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