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Beautiful Sunday - Various Artists The music of the 60's and 70's holds a special memory for those of us who grew up with it - thanks to our parents. It was music you could sing along with, music you could dance to, music you fell in love with.

The good news - almost every song on this oldies compilation - is a classic that you will want to sing along to. Who could ask for more? Representative of what pop music was like on the radio back in the late 1960’s and early 70’s – Beautiful Sunday has a lot going for it. 21 tracks and a whole lot of great soft rock from Lobo with his evergreen I’d Love You To Want Me to the super cool Make It With You by Bread. Throw in some classic pop cuts from the sixties as well – The Archies with their Sugar Sugar, Herman’s Hermits doing their No Milk Today and even comedian Peter Sellers - and it all adds up to a very worthy collection. There are one or two surprise omissions like Air Supply or the Bee Gees - but they don't get missed out of many of these compilations and will no doubt be included in plenty more in the future.

It doesn't really matter exactly who's in and who's not - it's the overall feel that counts. Remember - the songs are mostly upbeat pop music, with just the occasional slow number to allow you to catch your breath. If you’re planning an oldies party for your parents or maybe a long drive in the car and need to get in the mood - this album is just what you need.

All in all - a pretty good deal. Another good thing about this compilation is that it avoids recycling all of the same tracks we hear over and over again - so even if you own the other compilations on the market – this is still worth looking into. After a hard day, hit play and no matter how bad things seem - it doesn't seem so bad with these old timers and their music. Two thumbs up.

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