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The boys behind Woh Lamhe, the biggest hit of the year so far, prove that they have more than just one musical trick up their sleeve. The Record introduces you to Jal from Pakistan.

The Record: Welcome to India. How has the experience been so far?
Farhan: Good! We just released our album in India a month ago, our Lamhe video is on TV and we are here to promote the album. We played live at a gig and we just did some interviews for radio and newspapers.
Goher: We've got a lot of feedback from Indian fans coming through our website and so we were really interested in releasing our album here.

TR: Could each of you introduce the other two band members to us.
Goher: Okay, Farhan, the lead vocalist, is studying for a Bachelor's in computer science. Shazi has done his MBA and is the senior most member of our band. He is also working with local bands of Lahore and doing some projects.
Shazi: Goher is the main man. He wrote all the songs for our album. Farhan is a good composer and a great listener of Jagjit Singh. He has composed some very melodic and soft compositions.
Farhan: The first album [called Aadat] was totally written and composed by Goher and it's doing the trick for us right now. I was under immense pressure when I joined the band because it was the first experience for me and it was really big. The first concert we performed was in Lahore in front of 1500 people and that was huge for me.
The most interesting thing I would like to tell you about Shazi is that [when I am listening to our tracks play] I really enjoy the bass groove of the songs more than my vocals.

TR: Tell us what your music is all about.
Farhan: Mainly our music is unique in the sense that it is in between pop and rock, not totally rock or pop, right in between. We like to put alaaps into guitar oriented songs. Most of them are melodic tracks and I think that's why we attract people towards our music. It's a new style towards music so I think that's the main attraction.
Goher: Our music is pure and to the point. Our words are to the point and melodic. Alaaps are really the speciality of the band. We just try to write according the melody we play on the guitar. The melodies are really very important and we always try to create something good. It's not like we targeted a kind of sound, we just do what we feel like.
Farhan: We have never made anything before this, it's our very first album and fortunately our very first shot has done the trick for us. It's not like we have been doing it for the past 20 years and then we realised what our sound is. Fortunately our first album did the trick for us and this is the kind of music we want to do and will do.

TR: You mention that you want your music to promote friendship between India and Pakistan. Tell us more.
Goher: When you hear music you will just get involved in it, and then want to find out who is behind the music and get associated with it, like it and the factor of friendship then comes in. We are ambassadors of friendship between Pakistan and India. There is really good music coming out of Pakistan and if you produce something good, you will be liked by the people.
Farhan: In Pakistan a lot of the pop comes out of the music industry, not the film industry unlike in India. We would love to work with Indian artists.

TR: Goher you had a life-changing experience before the last album…
Goher: I had an accident some time ago and I was in bed for six months. During that time I had time to think about my life and music. One of my friends gave me the guitar and through that time I learned how to play it.
Farhan: So maybe [you need to break] another leg for the second album. [Band laughs]
Shazi: What will we do on the third album?!
Farhan: It's my turn then!

You can read the rest of our feature on Jal in the June 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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