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VJ Pia
Swimsuit model, ramp scorcher, fashionista, self-confessed wild child. That's the background of the newest face on Channel [v]. The Record brings you the inside stuff on model-turned-VJ Pia Trivedi, host of the brand new Pepsi [v] TV Champions.

The Essence of Pia
I am termed as hot and sexy which I'd love to believe [laughs], but I'm also a very mad person, I tend to do crazy things at times. I can't name any crazy things I do but it just comes out naturally. You'll see on the show, I'm sure I'm going to do many wild things. We're all going to have a really nice time and I'm going to show a different side of me.

Tattoo Tales
I sketched my tattoo [that I have on my back] myself - I think it resembles my character perfectly. If I emphasize you'll start laughing, but it's an angel with two horns. It's very me. If anyone has to ask me, 'What is you?', I'd just turn around and show them my tattoo. I can be really nice, but I can be really mean also!

Camera Capers
I have realised how different it is to be talking in front of the camera and hosting a show but as it went along, I found out that I can be really free with the camera. I definitely knew I loved the camera while shooting stills but also I found a liking to it while talking and hosting the show.
As a VJ I'd love to interview everyone. It would be an interesting experience each time. I love music, so if I ever get a chance I would love to meet Nelly or 50 Cent. It would be an honour and a great experience.

Music Must-Haves
I don't really have any particular hang-ups about music, I listen to anything and everything. My favourite is hip-hop and R&B. I absolutely appreciate the music and it's really nice to groove to. No matter what state of mind you're in, it takes you to another level of peace. I don't have any particular favourite stars, singers or bands but I really like 50 Cent, love Nelly and I think Jennifer Lopez does a fab job. They are my few favourites. Mariah Carey's new song is really rocking. I definitely, as much as I can, play that kind of music but I'm game for everything. I love music.

Sizzling Up The Swimsuit
Being a part of The Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar, both the years, has been really great. I've learned a lot from the experience. It's not really easy to go out there and shoot in a two piece. I did evolve, learnt a lot about myself and my body language, what speaks for me, what doesn't work… I don't know if I'll do the calendar next year, I hope I will. But let's see, hope it all works out.

Inner Circle
My mother, my sister, my boyfriend, my father, who is no more, and my friends. This circle of people knows me best.

Still The One
My boyfriend's name is Sunny Sara [the man behind party hot spot Red Light]. I've been dating him for three years now. We're in a steady relationship and share a mutual understanding of each other. It's great!

Motto For Life
I don't have one. Don't worry be happy!

You can read the rest of our feature on VJ Pia in the June 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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