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We've listened to their debut album, talked exclusively to their charming guitarist Luke Potashnick and we're here to tell you that you should repeat this after us: Rooster rocks!!

Luke tells us about the rest of the band.

Age: 24
“Nick is a great frontman, especially when he's on stage. He's really confident in his performance and in the band's performance around him. He manages to be really in your face and put our songs out there without coming off arrogant which I think is cool.”

BEN SMYTH - Bass/Backing vocals
Age: 19
“Ben is very passionate, especially about his music, when we're writing and when we're playing. He's a real perfectionist and he takes his music very seriously but he's also got a very good sense of humour. We've all got a similar sense of humour which is great for when we're out on tour.”

Age: 19
“Dave is a constantly funny guy. He's always cracking jokes, sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're not but he always brings out the lighter side to whatever situation he's in which is really nice. He's also quite laidback and doesn't get uptight or argumentative which is nice to have.”

Age: 22
The Record on Luke: This 22-year-old packs a mean punch in the countless guitar riffs that stand out on the album. Influenced by classic rock guitarists like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and especially Paul Kossoff from Free, his modern touch to classic rock is definitely impressive.

Luke sums up the band by saying, “The thing that unites us all is our taste in music. We all listen to a lot of different things but there is a crossover in our music and influences mainly being '70s classic rock. And also we're all so passionate about our music and we take it very seriously whether as instrumentalists or vocalists. We've all been doing this since we were about nine. I mean Dave's been playing the drums since he was five! We've studied our instruments really hard for ten years now and we just want to get better and better as a band and go places.”

They may be young, and have envy-inducing good looks, but don't let that distract you from what Brit boys Rooster are really here to do: make you rock till you drop. Their debut single Come Get Some is a hook-laden burst of crunch-guitar energy that was destined to have a stadium-full crowd wanting to come and get a lot more than just some! The rest of their self-titled debut album doesn't disappoint either with strong song-writing and musicianship by all four boys under the guidance of rock heavyweights like Def Leppard engineer/producer Pete Woodroffe and Norwegian songwriter Espen Lind among others.

Come Get Some
Staring At The Sun
To Die For

As the perfect introduction to the band, guitarist Luke recommends Joyride, track number one off their album. He tells us, “I think Joyride sums up what we're all about pretty well. It's got a huge thumping groove, almost hip-hop influenced again like Come Get Some and it's got a mellow verse, a rocky heavy bridge, and a melodic chorus. And that's what we're really about a huge groove, a really big guitar riff and a melodic chorus.”

You can read the rest of our feature on Rooster in the June 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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