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DJ Rummy
This month The Record meets Delhi-based DJ Rummy, the only Indian DJ to play at Berlin’s flamboyant Love Parade. Here he is telling us about his favourite records, fashion style, craziest dance floor encounters, and how he wants to portray India to the world.

The Record: When did you start DJing?
Rummy: I began in1992. Why did I want to be a DJ? Because of lack of education. [Laughs] No I’m just kidding. I was inspired by the music, I was listening to a lot of good stuff. I was about thirteen at the time and I was really inspired so I decided to be a DJ. I got myself some tape decks, someone misguided me to buy a mixer and I began making some mix tapes but I was not getting it right. But I practiced hard and worked on my craft and then got my first break as assistant DJ in 1993.

TR: What is your most prized record?
Rummy: My most prized record is Beach Ball by Nalin & Kane because it was the last track I played at one of my favourite clubs ~ Oasis ~ before it shut down.

TR: Where do you source music from?
Rummy: I buy only records, not CDs ~ vinyl is what does it for me. My favourite shops are Space Hall and Club Sound in Berlin.

TR: You’re playing at Love Parade 2006 in Berlin ~ what have you got planned?
Rummy: Well I’ve got a float this time, normally I play just as a DJ but this year I am among those ranked and I will play on a float. I have to represent India there and I want to show them sides of India other than the stereotypes ~ I will portray our techno music and our underground culture on the float. It should be fun.

TR: What is one really memorable venue that you’ve played at?
Rummy: A place called Tribehouse in Düsseldorf ~ best club I’ve ever played at.

TR: What is the longest set you’ve ever played?
Rummy: I played once for twelve hours in Munich in 2002. It was at a place called the Dune Club where I was supposed to play from 12 am to 6 am. But some of the other DJs who were to take over didn’t show up so I just continued playing for another six hours. So yeah, 12 midnight to 12 noon ~ my longest set!

You can read the rest of our regular feature DJ Speak in the June 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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