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Flipsyde - We The People (India Tour Edition) - Universal Known as the next big breakout band, Flipsyde have proven their success with their debut to be no flash in the pan. The Oakland band already had a following in Europe and Asia but hadnít made waves in India until they came down to the country last November as part of a bunch of Vh1 gigs.

With the current flavour of hip-hop, the band returned to the country this June for a second time, spurring on this special limited India Tour Edition release of the already released We The People. What makes this one the essential one to get is all the extras thrown in, from seven extra tracks to a bonus VCD of Flipsyde.

The audio CD offers the most surprises. MC Piper uses his sharp tongue to drop some cutthroat rhymes on crowd favourites like Happy Birthday, Just ĎCause Youíre Gone and Keep On Moviní, all of which were not on the first release of the album. There are two extra versions of hit single Someday as well; the first one shines with their crafty use of acoustic guitars, and the second is a club mix with lots of beats and scratches running through, featuring Styles P. The original single was a hit across the world last year, and now itís finally broken the band into the US thanks to NBC making it the theme song to the 2006 Winter Olympics.

The highlight would probably be the Indian mix of their self-titled song. Jatin Sharma remixes the bandís underground sound just enough to allow their Latin hip-hop style to shine through. Plus thereís the bonus VCD thrown in with four videos, making We The People ~ India Tour Edition a good value-for-money deal for the hardcore and any new fans.

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