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Being right in the middle of mind-numbing traffic, shopping for tablas, going incognito in tourist hot-spot Colaba, and being taken for a ride (literally) by a crafty taxi driver ~ that’s some of what this Australian band experienced on their first ever visit to India.

In town for VH1’s Rock Rules festival, they were visibly excited at the prospect of playing for local fans, especially lead singer Jason Singh whose Indian roots made the connection even more personal. When they did get on stage they put on an energetic show, playing hits from their latest album Axiomatic and past releases as well. Possibly the most delighted member of the audience was Record team member Shivani, a long-time fan of the band. She met the band earlier in the day, got to hear one of her favourite Taxiride hits being played live, and to top it all even got a special shout-out from Jason during the song!

Here are Taxiride’s Jason Singh and Sean McLeod talking to us about visiting Mumbai city, their musical journey and the most unlikely fans they’ve collected along the way.


Jason: “You know everything’s really different here from where we’re from. The way the place moves, the way it operates, it’s like organised chaos but it just seems to work you know! And I haven’t seen anyone getting upset on the roads! There’s people cutting in front of everybody and stuff but no one gets upset. It’s very different to back home. Back home if someone cuts in front of you, you beep the horn, jump out of your car, I don’t know, things happen… but here it’s great! I feel like I’ve come home in a lot of ways.
We spent three days in Colaba so we just went shopping, buying things we don’t probably need. [Laughs] We went into some music shops and bought some cool tablas and we’re going to get Sean to learn how to play them.”

Sean: “Yeah, in twenty minutes! [Laughs]”

Jason outlines 5 events and people that have shaped the band’s journey:

1. Jack Joseph Puig, producer
Our first producer Jack Joseph really invested a lot of time in us. We were so young, and really new to it all, we were coming out of nowhere really and he spent a lot of time working the rock element of the band, working our attitude and making sure we were ready for what was going to come.

2. Seymour Stein, music mogul
Seymour Stein probably was another big factor. He signed us to the US, turned it around and really made things happen.

3. Playing for troops in East Timor
That was very memorable ~ travelling in tanks, living in the army cantonment… It inspired us to be better people I think. It keeps us grounded really. Because when you see how other people live so close to our country... India is different but it’s also very far away from where we are. But East Timor is like a stone’s throw away from Australia but it’s just so very different. When you come home you really appreciate what you have. It makes you a better person.

You can read the rest of our feature on Taxiride in the June 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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