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Bombay Rockers
They’re back and they’re ready to rock the party all over again! As they get set to release the follow-up to their 2004 hit debut that featured the club smash Rock Tha Party, The Record catches up with Thomas and Naf of Bombay Rockers for a conversation about their new album, getting out of control and their meeting with none other than Abhishek Bachchan.

The Record: Tell us about your new single Out Of Control.
Thomas: The first single is an up-tempo track ~ kind of funky, with a bit of a rock flavour. We wanted to do something different because we like to switch it up a bit and not always do the expected thing. I think we succeeded with that, it’s something different; it’s a little crazy (laughs)… it’s something that we stand for.

TR: So when do the Bombay Rockers get the most ‘out of control’?
Thomas: (Laughs) We always try, at least in our stage performances, to be as visual as possible. We want to connect with our crowd and so people who have watched us perform say we are always a little out of control. We want to get hyped up and get the crowd going as much as possible. We want to give the best show possible.

TR: The release of a second album is always a big deal; are you nervous?
Naf: Yes we are, but we’ve been working really hard on this album. For the first one we made some music, made what we felt like and people liked it. This time people have expectations and we have been thinking about that. We try not to do so a lot, because too much thinking will ruin the music. So we just stay focused and make the music.

TR: Your press release says this is more than just a party album…
Naf: Yeah, we do like to party, but I think we’ve matured a bit. We’ve learned a lot, we’ve had loads of experiences since the first album and… with the first album we were younger, we wanted to just try some stuff. With this album we have some messages, we have something in our hearts that we want to communicate.

Thomas: When we did the first album, we just took it track by track, and wanted to get a lot of flavours on it. On this album, we do have up-tempo songs but we also have some tracks with a different kind of feeling ~ tracks about love and stuff… Things change when you travel a lot and meet people and become famous... I don’t think we’ve changed as people, but we definitely look at the world in a different way than before and it is reflected on the new album.

TR: You’ve been to India a few times with the last release ~ share some stories.
Naf: We had some fantastic times in India. We’re from Denmark which is a really small country and is really far away from India. So for us, coming to India was a great experience. We got to see the people, see the fans that really give us a lot of love. We had everything from hearing girls scream at our songs to people stealing our water bottles. (Laughs) It’s been great. Thomas and I both agree that we love to perform in India because people have a lot of energy, especially compared to Europe and other such places where everyone is a bit more laid back.

You can read the rest of our feature on Bombay Rockers in the June 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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