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Michael Bublé
There was a time when Bublé was the next big thing. He was single handedly responsible for bringing back the big band, swing band sound of the 50s, introducing a new generation to a sound made famous by the rat pack and Elvis Presley among others. Barely had he hit the mainstream than there were a hundred Bublé-lookalikes running to American Idol for their break too. Imitation, after all…

Call Me Irresponsible
How does a man running on the success of two albums feel? “Terrified,” says Bublé, “because I knew that it had to be better than the first two — that it had to show growth without alienating anyone, and that’s a tough line. So I sat there from the very beginning and came up with the songs, put together the skeleton, and thought about what arrangers I would hire. I even ended up at the mastering session, which artists rarely attend. I wanted to be involved in every aspect because I wanted it to be conceptually beautiful.”

Call Me Irresponsible is a 13-track album, with two original songs co-written by Bublé. The album features songs made famous by some of the most legendary artists of our time including the Elvis Presley hit Always On My Mind, Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight and Frank Sinatra’s Call Me Irresponsible. The two new songs are Lost and Everything. Bublé co-wrote them with long time compadre Alan Chang and Jann Arden (Lost) and Amy Foster-Gilles (Everything).

The first single off the album is Everything, a song about love. “I wrote that song about the great happiness of real love, but at the same time I was making a statement about the world,” Bublé says. “We’re living in really crazy times, and I wanted to say that no matter what’s happening, this person in my life is what really makes it worthwhile.”

On Top
Call him irresponsible, call him unreliable, but don’t call him unsuccessful. Bublé’s albums have called the top of the charts home more often than not. With his self-titled debut, he reached the top 50 on the Billboard 200, the top 10 in UK, and sold in excess of four million albums worldwide. Bublé’s sophomore album was released to a world waiting with bated breath. It jumped straight to #4 in the UK, and made its way to #1 in three countries ~ including the US Billboard Jazz Album charts ~ and broke the top five in eight other countries.

Call Me Irresponsible has just continued the trend of Bublé’s new work topping the success of his old work. The album hit #1 in six countries, and #2 in three countries. Barely a month and a half old, the album has already hit the 1.5 million mark in record sales.

The Big Break
Born in Burnaby, British Columbia, Bublé began his love affair with jazz at a young age, drawing inspiration from his grandfather’s old jazz albums. “I think there were some times I was self-conscious about it. I was in high school, about 14 years old, and I’d be listening to Come To Me (My Melancholy Baby) and of course, as these buddies would go by, I’d be listening to that, but I’d be going ‘Yea, uh uh’ (bobs his head)… (Laughs) It was ’cos I was kinda embarrassed I guess. When I was a kid I thought… maybe I was crazy to love this stuff. But as I got older, I started to realise that… I wasn’t crazy.”

He dedicates most of his success to his grandfather, citing him as the one person who started off his musical career. Bublé’s grandfather was the one who pushed him into learning the ‘old school’ style of singing, and encouraged him to participate in a singing contest in Vancouver which he won ~ but was later disqualified for being underage! He tells a number of stories of his grandfather’s support: “My grandfather was a plumber… and he would sneak me into the nightclubs and he would tell them that if they let me up on stage, that he would put in a free toilet for them (laughs).”

Bublé Today
It’s hard to not be impressed by Bublé’s oft-subdued, cultured voice. He’s found his way into people’s lives not just through his record, but the surrounding performances on TV, in movies, and in promotions. He appeared on the sixth season of American Idol and some speculate he appeared drunk; this opinion was fuelled largely by his coy question about Antonella Barba, the season’s hottie. And by his brushes with alcohol fuelled embarrassment, like when he got drunk at Leo DiCaprio’s house, threw up in the pool, and DiCaprio’s garden, before jumping the fence and walking home, leaving his car keys in the house. Rockstar in the making? Or a throwback to the Rat Pack?

You can read the rest of our feature on Michael Bublé in the June 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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