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Rockin' India: Myndsnare
The Buzz: Myndsnare grabbed attention with their intense sound and, more than anything, their female drummer, which is very unusual for a rock/metal act in India. With sell-out gigs in Mumbai, this Bangalore-based metal band has everything it takes to get your head banging.

The Highlights:
• Independence Rock 2004: Won the competition
• RAIT 2004 and 2007: Won the competition, along with Best Drummer (both years) and Best Vocalist in ’04
• IIM Bangalore 2004 and 2007: Won the competition, along with Best Drummer (both years)
• NLS Bangalore 2004: Placed second, along with Best Drummer
• The Toto Funds The Arts prize for music in 2004
• Released an EP Mindsnare in 2000

The Record Q & A

The Record: How did the band come together?
MyndSnare: MyndSnare started out as MindSnare - KP’s (guitars and vocals) project in early 2000, with a four song EP, MindSnare: 1, released around September 2000. Around the same time, to be able to take the music on stage, I joined the band on the drums, and Samarth was taken in to play bass. After playing a few shows and recording a couple of tracks with other Bangalore-based bands in the compilation HeadBangalore, a few more bassists joined and left, eventually getting us to where we are now, with Sandesh on bass.

TR: What is the story behind the name of your band?
MyndSnare: The band was initially called MindSnare ~ without the ‘y’ ~ being named after a song on the Napalm Death album Harmony Corruption. Snaring minds was what we set out to do, and the name appeared to be an apt moniker. A couple of years later, after we found out about another band in Italy with the same name, we added the ‘y’ to make it MyndSnare, and differentiate the name.

TR: Tell us about each member of the band, their musical background and personality.
KP (vocals/guitars): A cynical, despondent personality with more ‘non-issues’ than he knows what to do with; started playing the guitar around 1998 in a band called Abaddon. Switched to Threinody (still alive today), then finally to MyndSnare. Likes lots of coffee, Linux, potato chips with gargantuan amounts of chilli powder, bikes, cars and anything machine-like. Hates Yas.
Yasmin Claire (KP answers): Started her musical career singing stuff like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest for an early band called Angel Dust. Switched to drumming to explore other aspects of her musical personality in 1999, and joined MyndSnare as a drummer in late 2000. Likes drumming, various styles of music, food, nature and hating KP.
Sandesh (bass): Borrowed (stolen?) from another Bangalore band, Extinct Reflections, Sandesh started out playing the guitar. Switched to playing bass for MyndSnare (still plays the guitar for Extinct and another band, StrangleHold) without apparent effort. Likes extremely bad jokes, fences and Lamb Of God.

TR: For someone who has never heard of you, which of your original compositions would be the best introduction to the band?
MyndSnare: Changing Skins. This is our newest original, and depicts where we’d like to go from where we are now. Over the last 3-4 years of creating music, we have, hopefully, evolved quite a bit musically, and Changing Skins reflects a lot of the stuff that’s been going on in our minds. Besides, it’s the last song we made with Sandesh on bass.

TR: Which bands are you heavily influenced by?
MyndSnare: Collectively, all of us look up to bands like Death, Cynic and musicians such as Dave Lombardo, Chuck Schuldiner and Steve DiGiorgio for inspiration. Individually, of course, we listen to a varied range of music with overlaps here and there. If one band were to be named as the most influential on MyndSnare’s music though, it would be Death.

You can read the rest of our feature Rockin' India: Myndsnare in the June 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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