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Itís rare to find a music fan (or just someone whoís alive) who hasnít heard Timbaland before. Nelly Furtadoís Promiscuous blared from stereos everywhere, while Justin Timberlakeís SexyBack was one of the most hyped returns to music from an artist this decade. One of the biggest producers around, Timbaland has decided to step away from the controls and enter the recording studio himself ~ no longer just lending one line choruses and Ďuh huhsí to hit songs, Timothy Z. Mosley aka Timbaland has released his debut solo album, Timbaland Presents Shock Value.

Timbaland has always managed to stay in the news with the songs he produced, and with Shock Value, heís been thrust into the limelight. All eighteen songs on the album are collaborations guest starring some of musicís biggest names ~ Sir Elton John, The Hives, Fall Out Boy, She Wants Revenge, Nicole Scherzinger, Nelly Furtado, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott, Magoo ~ and Timbaland manages to blend genres effortlessly as he charters new territory. We let Timbaland himself tell us about the making of the album and get some stories from inside the recording studio.

Why did you call the album Shock Value?
Itís called Shock Value because itís just a collaboration, which to me is not as shocking, but I think to the world would be kinda shocking. I mean, itís just a collaboration. Whatís been put into it for the artist selection is totally unexpected. I already liked it, so to me itís like, Ďok, let me just do ití. But when I tell people, theyíll be like, Ďhuh, no wayí. Thatís what made me come up with the name Shock Value.

What can people expect to hear on your solo album?
What youíre going to hear on this album is a lot of dimension from me. Different genres of music that people think that I canít do or wouldnít see me doing, Iím actually doing. Me being well-rounded, thatís what youíre going to get out of this album.

What genres of music did you use for your album?
The genres that I have going on my album are 80s rockÖactually thatís really it. Eighties rock, and hip-hop. Only thing I was missing is ~ I donít know what 80s Spanish was like ~ so I think Iím missing that (Laughs). I have some 80s reggae up there. And thatís really it. Iím all about the 80s, because 80s music was the feel-good music. It was a time when the music just made you feel good, and life was a little better. The only thing I can bring out of this is to make you feel good. Life is going to be the way it is, I canít change that. But I can make you feel good. Thatís what I want to bring to you with Shock Value. Itís not about whether it was a hit record. Itís about whether it was fun doing it.

Where go you get your ideas from?
I get my ideas from just my brain and where it takes me (Laughs). I donít really see deep into it. My rhythm and my gift come from God. I donít really sit down and think about it. It just comes. I listen to different types of rhythm. I hear a lot of Latin rhythm and I just fool with it and just put it in there. I donít think twice about it, I just do it. It just comes to me. I have no inspirations. I donít look up to anybody. I just like the music. I get inspired by just life. Walking outside and seeing an event happenÖthat can inspire me to do something.

What made you do a solo album?
Iím actually kinda doing it for myself. You know Iíve never had this much attention. Iíve never been the most anticipated person to come out. This is new to me (Laughs). Itís different from the other side of making music. So now Iím the most anticipated person, I gotta go work out, I gotta train. I feel like Iím preparing for a boxing match or something. Iím like, ĎWait a minute, Iím a producer. I just do this for fun.í But now it is anticipated, so I now have a hit record on my hands. I have my own personal hit record. I hope I can keep going and be that talked about. I donít want to be called an artist; I want to be called an entertainer.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Timbaland in the June 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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