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Bombay Rockers
This Desi-Danish duo is the latest to add their flavour to fusion music. The Record brings you an exclusive conversation with Naf and Thomas of Bombay Rockers on their first visit to India even as their hit track Rock Tha Party brings everyone to the dance floor all over the country.

The Record: Why did you call yourself Bombay Rockers?
Bombay Rockers: Itís because in Denmark and all around Europe, they instantly connect Bombay to everything Indian and thatís a good way of connecting with our music. We used Rockers because we rock the party and our music works well on the dance floor. So itís a nice combination, it describes us well. Our album is called Introducing and is a mixture of Indian and Western sounds. We mix the Indian and Western elements in a different way. We have a lot of hip hop, rock, R & BÖ weíve tried to mix it all up and not get stuck in any one style.

TR: Your first hit Ari Ari is a great song Ė tell us about it.
Thomas: Ari Ari is the first track we made. We were actually inspired by Punjabi MC. Thatís why we started making tracks with a bhangra vibe. It worked out really well. We wanted to do something special. I wrote a verse on it, we had a percussion going, Naf laid out his vocals and we found that together it worked really well. The whole production was not bhangra, it was more pop-R&B and the mix of Indian and English vocals gave us an opportunity to vary it. It still has an Indian heart though and people started to like it a lot. Rock Tha Party is also really popular with the crowd, and now Wild Rose, the single weíve just released.

TR: Are you going to shoot a video while youíre here in India?
BR: We hope to come back and shoot something here. The locations in Denmark are very few and all of them have been used in videos. [Laughs] So we need something new. The video for Rock Tha Party has really been appreciated. We didnít have a very large budget, we just had the music and talent and we thought it would be nice to do a video which was different and sets us apart from everyone else Ė a video that people would remember.

TR: Naf you went to school in India for some time Ė tell us about that.
Naf: I went to school for nearly one year in Delhi. It was terrible! [Laughs] No it was fun but very strict. I was there because my mom wanted me to learn to write Hindi. And I learnt it! I was just not used to the way of teaching. If you didnít listen, you got smacked. I got it some times. [Laughs] It was fun but difficult. The good thing is I learnt to write Hindi and it has helped me a lot.

TR: Tell us about your live shows.
BR: We really try to get across the stage and reach out to the fans. We have dancers also. Besides that we have a lot of energy in the visuals. Itís really great to see the people sing along and have a good time. Sometimes girls come up to us and ask if they can have our water bottles! Itís funny.

TR: Any interesting stories to tell from playing live?
BR: We were playing in a city whose name we forgot and we ended up saying the name of another city! Like if we were in Bombay and we were to say ĎHello DelhiíÖ We were playing two gigs that night so we switched the names around by mistake. That was bad enough and then halfway through the show someone pulled the power switch and everything went dark for a bit. But in the next city that night it went well. And we got the name right. [Laughs]

TR: What is the perfect setting in which to listen to a Bombay Rockers song?
Thomas: Everywhere! [Laughs] I think definitely a club where itís packed with people, packed real close so you can feel the vibe. Also if youíre alone and you have a miserable love life (laughs) you should listen to our song Wild Rose. We have party songs, rock songs, and slower more emotional tracks.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Bombay Rockers in the March 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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