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Delta Goodrem
Do you remember when you were seven and the only thing that you wanted to do was show your mum that you could play the piano? It was just the beginning, as Delta Goodrem, quotes all the time. Just the beginning, but what a beginning…

Delta Lea Goodrem, the talented singer, songwriter and actress from Australia, has slowly but surely made a name for herself in India. An artist who's doing things her way. Grounded, focused and ambitious. Born on November 9, 1984, Delta started her career at the age of seven, acting in TV commercials and Australian television shows such as Hey Dad, A Country Practice and Police Rescue.
Delta loves sports, particularly basketball and skiing, but music is her passion and so Delta saved her acting money to make a demo CD. Delta also has been taking classical piano lessons for the past 10 years. At the tender age of 12, she recorded her demo CD, with five songs she'd written and included her version of the Australian national anthem because she dreamed of one day singing at a game for her football team - the Sydney Swans. According to her - anyone's allowed to dream.
She sent the CD to the Sydney Swans and they in turn sent it on to one of the club's biggest supporters - the legendary Australian manager Glenn Wheatley, the man who guided the Little River Band and John Farnham to mega success. Over the next two years, Glenn helped Delta develop her career, before Sony signed her at the age of 15. Inspired by everything from Silverchair to Incubus to Jeff Buckley and Mariah and Celine, Delta was now skyward bound.
At first, Delta struggled to find her own direction. Then she discovered her mantra: Just have fun and sing from the heart. Always look at the bigger picture. In 2002, Delta landed a role on the Australian television institution Neighbors. Playing the shy singing schoolgirl Nina Tucker, Delta got to debut her song Born To Try, which took the Australian charts by storm, going to number one just after Delta's 18th birthday. It stayed in the Top 5 for more than three months, going triple platinum in sales. Then came the second single, Lost Without You - a number one debut in Australia, while at the same time Innocent Eyes, Delta’s stunning debut album, also entered the Australian charts at number one, knocking off Norah Jones. Not even a new Madonna album could displace Delta.
But tragedy struck when in mid-2003, Delta was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease, which put her music and acting career on hold. In December that year, she underwent her final treatment for the disease and is now in remission. Since her return to performing, Delta, has completed her first major motion picture, Hating Alison Ashley which is due for release in 2005.

The Record had a short but exclusive chat with Delta. Excerpts:

The Record (TR): Can you tell us something about the album?
Delta Goodrem (DG): This album has more different colours and shades, it’s got more colours of me than the first album. There are a lot of lyrics I wouldn’t have used on the first album.

TR: How is this album different from the earlier one?
DG: In Mistaken Identity, I played the role of the nice girl next door who gets cut like a knife, I mention `emotional suicide’ in Electrical Storm, and there’s some intense lyrics in there. It was an intense year. I mean, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t acknowledge what went on; everyone knows what went on. I feel like I know people personally, even though I don’t, but I feel I had to go into depth; get things out of the way, go through the journey and end with You Are My Rock, which is a thank you song.

TR: Did you work with anyone on this record?
DG: One of the key changes in the songwriting personnel was Guy Chambers; the British songwriter/producer behind most of Robbie Williams’ best songs. He’s also worked with everyone from Jewel to Charlotte Church to Andrea Bocelli.

TR: How was it working with Brian McFadden?
DG: It was really great. The song is very special to me as he is a special person to me too. It’s a break-up song where we’re talking to each other. I just loved that song. I think it’s a really important element to have on the record.

You can read the rest of our feature on Delta Goodrem in the March 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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