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Kelly Clarkson
Last month The Record brought you a complete guide to Kelly Clarkson, the original American Idol. This month we bring you an exclusive interview with the singer. Read on to learn more about her brand new album, her fans across the world, and her take on a legendary artist that she can only describe, over and over, asÖ Ďsexyí!

The Record: Describe your new album Breakaway. Was your involvement with this album different than with the one before?
Kelly: My last album [called Thankful] was very rushed. Right after American Idol I did a tour, I did a movie and I was making this album all at the same time. But I still love it because it is very much a part of me and very much the idea of me. With the new album Iíve grown. So it was a lot different production-wise. My vocals are more compressed and smoothened over in the first album. On the second album it sounds more live and sounds more like my actual voice. Itís raw and I love it. It was a lot of fun because I hand-picked a lot of people that worked on this album. And the fact is I knew a lot more this time, like, ĎThis mic makes me sound better than thisÖí You get wiser and smarter about the industry and about everything and it just gets easier and more fun. You get to try new things.

TR: Tell us about your singles from this album. How did you choose them?
Kelly: Breakaway obviously we chose as the first single because it was in the movie Princess Diaries 2. It was the lead single for that. Itís great because the song is breaking away from what was before. Itís a bit more rock, a bit more edgy. So that was kind of a cool concept. Since U Been Gone was the second single because it was very radio friendly and there is a burst of energy in the chorus. It is just a fun song and a fun break-up song. Everybody goes through that and itís a lot of fun to perform.

TR: Do you have any favourites off the album?
Kelly: The next single Walk Away is probably my favourite single out of all of them. Itís just feisty and sassy and very empowering. I canít wait to do the video. The great thing about my album so far is that there is something for everyone in there. Everyone likes a different song; everyone wants a different song to be a single. Iím pretty excited about that.

TR: Speaking of different, your current publicity shots present quite a changed image of you. Tell us more.

Kelly: Iíve never really been into the imaging part of it, Iím not that girl. But Iím starting to like the creativity of it. The photo shoot I did for the new album was so much fun. Iíd already worked with the photographer before and he asked me ĎWhat do you want the image to be?í I wanted it to be very different, with different dresses, with jeans in one, a sullen, kind of dark mood in some, others to be bright and fun. I think itís fun! I can dress up like a girl and Iím starting to get more and more into it, (laughs) but slowlyÖ Donít get me wrong! Iím still a jeans girl on a day off. I think it is fun to dress up every now and then.

TR: Did you have fun making the video for your song Since U Been Gone?
Kelly: Oh God! Since U Been Gone has been my favorite video shoot by far. All I did was come to work and break stuff! I spray painted walls and ruined the records of the guy in the video. I just ruined his apartment. You know, I had just ended a relationship with someone and I was not happy, so it was perfect for me. I just went through it pretending it was his home! It was very therapeutic.

TR: If you could collaborate with any artist from any time period in music, who would you pick?
Kelly: If I could go back in time and collaborate with anyone I would love to collaborate with Jimmy Hendrix. It is the most sexy sound ever. I would listen from when I was this height (indicates 1 foot height), and my mom and dad used to laugh at me. I just love it, anytime I hear that guitar I love itÖoh! Itís so sexy! And I love to sing on top of it.

TR: Which is your favorite Jimmy Hendrix track?
Kelly: As a child till this date (laughs), which is kind of weird for a childÖ itís Red House. I love it. That (imitates guitar sound)Ö oh! Itís so sexy, I love it!

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Kelly Clarkson in the March 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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