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Los Lonely Boys
After a decade of making music professionally, the trio of extremely talented siblings aged not more than 25 have already found themselves amongst the Grammy nominees. Is your favorite band out with its fifth album, which can be passed as the greatest love collection? And it sucks big time? Or is it that a band which once made you rock is out with the tenth song which sounds like all the other previous nine tracks? Well, change is here, and this time change is wearing the title of Los Lonely Boys.

Now try not to jump to conclusions. The title might sound like a boy band trying hard to make it to the Valentine Special CD. A few of their snaps might let you imagine that their gigs must be full of moon-walking, break-dancing group choreography. But Los Lonely Boys are packed with some TEX MEX surprises.

Tex Mex?
In a little town in West Texas, three little Mexican brothers watched their father, Ringo Garza, Sr., perform on stage in awe. Ringo Sr., with his five brothers and one sister, had formed a band, The Falcones, which was quite popular in South and West Texas. Thus music was a family matter with him. He played a lot of country and rock and of course did that which every other person reading this, dreams to do: get his kids to his own stage shows!

The three little boys a.k.a. Henry, Jojo and Ringo Jr. started listening to music before they started wetting their diapers. Their father taught them the music he played and pretty soon, the little boys formed a backing band for The Falcones’ stage shows. As they grew older, their father took them to stage and the boys had the crowd clapping to their voices. And thus, pretty soon the boys were making their own music.

“I wrote my first song when I was four,” says Henry, the eldest. Yep, he grew a bit older, worked up a few notes on the guitar which his dad gifted him and came up with his first song, She Left Me. Jojo a.k.a. Joey, the middle one, took hold of the guitar, but shifted to piano, drums and then finally on bass, which he still plays. And the youngest of the brothers, Ringo gave them the beats. “When Ringo was nine, my dad gave him the drum kit,” Henry recalls. “I taught him how to play and he learned it in 30 minutes man!” And Ringo being his real name makes it all the more freakier. Well of course for those who were slow in getting the freaky part, Ringo Starr was The Beatles’ drummer. May his soul rest in peace.

So, Is This An Essay On The Garza Family?
No it is not, but their childhood was an essential part of the Los Lonely Boys to take them where they are right now. What they learned as children reflects in the music they create. Such kind of music in times of today is a rarity, and it is recommended, that you, a pop fan or a rock fan, a country listener or a cool blues guy, have to get your hands on this one.

The Los Lonely Boys music is a mix of musical cultures. Their strong country influences do not overlap their soulful vocals and addictive, melodious choruses. And these are just a few of what you might find in a Los Lonely Boys song. One of their most popular songs, Heaven, starts with a lovely rhythm with surprising simplicity, the drums and the bass blend in. The vocals suddenly change to Spanish, which you long to listen to, even if you cannot understand it. It isn’t surprising that the band has gained a reputation of being one of the most exciting new bands to emerge in the new millennium. And when you have Willie Nelson call your band as ‘His favorite Band’ and wanting to do a song with you, you can be sure that you’re up to something good.

Henry’s guitar playing styles wear shades of those, which were pioneered by Carlos Santana. Together with Jojo and Ringo, Henry works the magic from his tunes and styles, which range from Texan blues to country to some good old rock and roll. The trio’s passion for music is so focused that they seldom bother to arrange their fantastic vocal harmonies. “We just fall into place automatically,” Henry says, adding that playing music with his brothers is spontaneous and natural.

You can read the rest of our feature on Los Lonely Boys in the March 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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