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Channel V Super Singer
As the eve of the Super Singer finals approaches, The Record catches up with the five finalists for one last assessment of themselves before one of them is crowned the new voice of the country.

My Strength
The first thing is that I have a classical training background which provides a strong foundation in the future. And I think my voice is different. Himeshji said so to me so I consider it my strength. Aside from that, if you want to be successful in any field, the right kind of attitude is absolutely important. I come from a background of psychology and I think that favours me as well.
My Weakness
In the intensives I was told to be thorough in my scale. Whichever scale I take I must be very sure of it. So I think if I can control that well, everything else should fall into place.
Most Difficult Moment
During the intensives, my throat was bad, I had a temperature, and a cold and cough during the recording round and more so during the final round. So it was very difficult for me to sing the way I usually do. To give it my very best at that point was really tough, but as I just mentioned, attitude is one thing which I don’t let slide into the negative. So I told myself I have to take it as a challenge. It was a test for me I thought and I took it in a positive manner and fortunately I was able to make it through.

My Strength
I have worked for many years to be a good singer. I have trained in classical music since I was ten years old to lay the basic foundations down, then I took advanced training in thumri. After that I came to Bombay and studied playback singing techniques under Kalyanji-Anandji for seven to eight years. After that you need to learn about the latest technology in music, only then can you be an expert in recording. So I set up a studio at home which is my workshop and I practice there and I record there. So to add it all up, I have worked to prepare in all the aspects that I think make an ultimate singer. To be that is my dream. Ever since I can remember I have been involved in singing. I played less with a bat and ball with other kids and devoted everything to singing. [Laughs]
My Weakness
If I do riyaz well then I will be alright but if I don’t then I can really fall back.
Most Difficult Moment
I can’t think of any one moment that was so critical, but there were some rounds when I felt that my singing was not up to the mark. Then I made a conscious effort to improve it in the next round.

My Strength
I have a voice which is different from other singers. That I think is the strong point.
My Weakness
It is that I have not studied classical singing so at some points I lack that classical depth. But I think I can make that up if I work hard.
Most Difficult Moment
In the intensives there were a lot of people from Delhi including some of my really close friends. So when they got disqualified I felt really bad. That was the most difficult moment for me.

My Strength
I have paid attention to two things from the beginning: that my voice quality and range is really strong; and secondly while performing in front of the judges, they should never think that my performance is dull or I don’t have confidence. So whenever I perform I try to be confident and give it my all.
My Weakness
My weakness as a singer is only one, which everyone knows – it is that I have not formally studied classical music. But I can make that up by using my singing experience and not letting the weakness show. Even if I am asked to sing something purely classical, I take some time and work it out and then I can manage.
Most Difficult Moment
The most difficult was the last intensive round. Not in terms of singing, but a more personal difficulty. When I was here in Mumbai, my wife gave birth to our first baby back home. So I felt emotionally torn – one part of me wanted to go be with my wife and the other part knew I had to stay here and focus on this career I am planning. It was really hard to not let it affect my singing.

ANU ARORA, 22, Delhi
My Strength
My asset is my voice quality.

My Weakness
My weakness…let me think… [Laughs] I never exactly realised the importance of breathing correctly for a singer. I was lacking in that and I have worked really hard on it. When we were recording with Himeshji he told me that I have potential and if I can just perfectly hit all the notes every time then I can really further my career.

Most Difficult Moment
The toughest was in the first round of the intensives. We had become quite familiar with Adnanji by then. Later we found out A R Rahmanji was accompanying Adnanji to judge us and at that time I felt a little nervous about my performance. A R Rahmanji, Himeshji and Adnanji are all major names in music and definitely with their background and how much we’ve heard about them, it made us feel a little apprehensive. From the very first day I thought that I just have to give my best performance in front of the judge; they should feel the impact of my voice. So that day I was a bit nervous and thought I should just give the best performance I could – after that, whatever the result, I was ready to accept.

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