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VJ Archana
She beat some serious competition to be crowned winner of the first ever Channel [V] Get Gorgeous. This year she hosts round two of the talent hunt and is now also a Channel V VJ. Here’s our guide to VJ Archana.

Name: Archana Vijaya

Age: 22

Star sign: Scorpio

Background: Born in Kolkatta. Did her BA Honours in English Literature. Was studying graphic design and helping a friend with a documentary on the Chinese in Kolkatta when she auditioned for Get Gorgeous.

Interests: Really enjoyed working on the documentary and wants to study film-making later.


Fun and Vivacious
That is how she describes herself best. She also can’t do without food. “I eat when I’m depressed, I eat when I’m happy – food for all occasions basically. And I can’t do without my friends.”

No Wannabes Allowed
She explains, “My first advice to aspiring models or girls who want to be a part of Get Gorgeous is - Be Yourself. Retain your individuality because that’s what takes you places. If you’re going to mingle and be sheep then it won’t get you anywhere. And don’t try too hard.”

Lazy Girl
She loves food and is apparently lazy so how does she stay so thin? She says, “I work out regularly. I started working out coincidentally just before Get Gorgeous. It was like the forces of nature were coming together to make me realise that something was in store, something was coming my way.”

Love Notes
Archana as a girlfriend is “very loving, very wonderful, can be quite annoying sometimes but that’s part of the package.” Her ideal boyfriend is “sensitive, loving, honest and funny – has to be funny – and just chilled out, doing his thing, letting me do my thing.”

Back Home Blues
She is an only child and says, “I love my mom and dad and I miss them a lot living here in Mumbai. That’s the only downside to all of this.”

Shy Girl
She nearly didn’t audition for Get Gorgeous because, believe it or not, she was shy! She tells us, “I’m still shy but no one believes me. The first time I posed in front of a camera I discovered I loved it. Until you try something you never know how it will be. So I tried it, and here I am now, loving it.”

Fashion Passion
Her first ever ramp show was at Rome Fashion Week. She says, “It was an incredible experience because there we were with one of the best designers in the country, Suneet Varma, and the best models. And then there we were, four amateurs, walking the ramp. It was amazing! Of course Rome was great. I’d rate it as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. They call Italy the Mecca of fashion for a reason. I’m a fashion freak and in Rome you see everyone, from a kid to a grandmother, all dressed to the hilt. And I want to make this clear – everyone is not dressed in designer wear! But they have their own look and they make a style statement whether it’s designer wear or street fashion. I just totally loved it.”

You can read the rest of our feature on VJ Archana in the March 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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