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#1s Rock (33 Of The Greatest Rock Anthems Of All Time!) - Various Artists - Universal There are so many so called ‘classic rock’ compilations out there in the music stores at the moment, with the selections covering a limited time span from the mid-seventies up to the present day, that one cringes to see but yet another one. Most people know what to expect on their track listing: an equal measure of classic rock songs that you probably already own, pretty decent ones that you wouldn't buy the album to own, and a lot of rubbish that you won’t be seen dead listening to on any compilation album.

To give credit where it’s due, this is one of the better releases we’ll see all year. 1#s Rock tries hard to live up to it’s hype, as the cover proudly proclaims 33 Of The Greatest Rock Anthems Of All Time! Apart from a few standard tracks, this double CD set does contain some real classics. This is a well-picked selection and there really aren’t many duds on here. Dire Straits (Heavy Fuel) and Deep Purple (Black Night) sit alongside classic sixties rockers Velvet Underground (Heroin) and The Moody Blues (I’m Just A Singer In A Rock N Roll Band) on the first CD, while acts like Santana (Black Magic Woman), Traffic (Feelin’ Alright?) and Duran Duran (Rio) book end the second disc.

The tunes to look out for are those that rarely show up on a compilation, like INXS with their Disappear, David Bowie’s Let’s Dance and Tears For Fears doing their hit Break It Down Again. Other rare gems include the Phil Collins led Genesis doing Invisible Touch, Joe Cocker with his version of Lennon-McCartney’s A Little Help From My Friends and the little known Del Amitri’s Always The Last To Know.

Obviously a labour of love for the compiler, the compilation tries to have the right mix of everything. Rarely these days in rock compilations do you get a CD compilation trying to be as consistent as what you have in front of you here on this one. The good news is that this collection is better than we ever had any right to expect. It's very easy to go overboard on a review like this, but this is good value for money. Buy it, even if you hate compilations, and you won't be disappointed.

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