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20 New Albums in 2007
When it comes to new music, every year has had its defining moment. 1962 will be remembered as the year the Beatles were discovered; 1977 the Bee Gees brought disco into millions of unsuspecting homes with Stayin Alive; and the 80’s forever linked with Michael Jackson, WHAM! & Madonna. Unfortunately most of the new stuff today is like listening to an air conditioner - for over the past decade, lots of crappy albums have been released to fill the never-ending demand for new music. The true test of an artist or band’s merit, we’ve learnt, now comes when the blush of the new wears off. If their music still sounds just as good a year later, then it might even be deemed great.

As true music fans, we’ve filtered out all the trash for you - and featured in no particular order on the pages that follow - the best new artists that define 2007. These are the ones who have charmed their way to the top of everyone’s listening pile and in a music industry crying out for talent, edginess & excitement, these are the artists that have hit all the right buttons. But if you’re craving for the shiny and nostalgic sound – 2007 is also the year when a number of relevant bands & musicians from the past have reformed & are effortlessly attuned to the chintzy & eclectic culture of this new decade. So without further ado, we invite our readers to awash themselves in aural beauty, as we unfold the best new artists & music 2007 has to offer:

You know that feeling you get when you listen to a brand new band for the first time and in the first 30 seconds you know you’re on to something really big? Well, that right there for you is the Fall Out Boy experience in a nutshell. Don’t believe us? Just have a listen to their monster 2007 hit This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race. The opening lyric goes like this, “I am an arms dealer, Fitting you with weapons in the form of words…” – there’s no doubt that the boys will have your attention long before the high energy chorus kicks in!

Her unusual name may sound as though it was dreamed up by a music executive, but there is nothing bubble-gummy about Imogen Heap - quite the contrary. She’s managed to keep pop music fresh with a diverse approach; neatly avoiding the clichéd sentiments and all-too-often formulaic arrangements that have plagued the genre. In less than a decade of recording; she’s emerged as a song craftsman with plenty of pop smarts, which has earned her a broad and loyal following.

The Dixie Chicks may have won big at the 2007 Grammy Awards; but the real winner was Carrie Underwood. Winning two out of the three categories in which she was nominated - the gifted newcomer even trounced odds-on favorite James Blunt by winning the coveted Best New Artist trophy instead of him. She’s done more than any other artist in recent times to blur the lines between country & pop music; and has proved that, with determination, a great sound will always break through.

All bets for Best British Female Solo Artist at this year’s Brit Awards were on one particular brutally honest, sharply witty young singer. And then came Amy Winehouse. She matched brutal, honest, sharp and witty and then raised the stakes with a good dose of charisma, humour and free-spirited abandon thrown in. It’s no surprise that the multi-tattooed, dark eye make-up-wearing songstress won the award that night throwing all predictions out the window. We introduce you to this powerhouse artist.

From out of seemingly nowhere; Wolfmother have gone from washing dishes in restaurants to becoming heroes of the new rock generation in 2007. Distraught and troubled could be two words your parents would probably use to describe their music; but cool and retroactive are just as applicable.

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Five of music's biggest names are making huge headlines in 2007 - years after they stopped making albums. They’ve returned this year with new releases lined up…and we thought we’d let you in on it first. We have to admit, that these are a few of our favourite acts of all time, and it’s relatively easy why. Noted in particular for their groundbreaking songs, the never-seen-before theatrics and of course their long lasting impact on popular culture –though they’ve not released any material in recent times, they’ve still retained a fanatical following across the world. Here’s a look as to why any new music from them is an important event for you:

Given the sheer volume and varying quality of his recorded output, it's not easy to overlook the fact that Sting is one of the greatest musicians of the last quarter century. But before he made it as a solo artist, he used to front one of the definitive rock bands of the early 80’s -The Police. One of those bands that made it the old school way, first making a name for itself as a live band, with everything else falling into place afterwards - artists as diverse as Guns n' Roses, Green Day and even Sheryl Crow sight them today as being the major influence on their sounds.

Anyone who was growing up in the early 1980’s will testify, that Duran Duran were literally everywhere. The media compared them to the Beatles as hysteria preceded them, both on stage and off. It’s true that their popularity waned for a few years, but like they dominated the eighties and the early part of the nineties; the band’s back on top in this decade; proving they are still very much around.

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Billy Joel
The Eagles
Roxy Music

You can read the rest of our cover story 20 Albums in 2007 in the March 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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