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Busted - A Present For Everyone Busted -the biggest joke in music returns, much to my annoyance. I wish they would just go away for good. For these boys are not a rock band and never will be – nor are they are pop-punk or pop-rock - just teeny pop, and not good pop music at that.

Still with a number one single, a double platinum album and a sold-out UK tour under their belts, this band likes to think that they’ve established themselves as one of the most important chart acts in the UK at the moment. The new album A Present For Everyone is much worse than their last effort - and that was pure rubbish. The best thing is that Busted get offended when people label them as a boyband - which is exactly what they are! Just because you spike your hair, hold guitars that you pretend to play and wear baggy shorts - it doesn't make you any more credible than Robbie Williams or any of those genuine British pop stars we know and love. Flat out manufactured production line pop drivel, the 13 tracks make the Gareth Gates album just reviewed above - in comparison - sound like the album of the year.

If you were brought up on classic rock like Pink Floyd, Queen, The Police, The Rolling Stones etc – or even the good stuff from the nineties like Oasis and Robbie Williams - God knows what future generations of kids will be like after being brought up on rubbish like Busted - that claim to be a rock band! These 20 year olds are so far removed from that ethos of music - that it would be funny if it were not so sad. I would only recommend this to little girls under the age of 10. Enough said.

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