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Gareth Gates - Go Your Own Way In the space of a single year, Gareth Gates turned into one of the UK's biggest ever teen idols, releasing a platinum selling album that earned the teenage singer four UK number one singles, and numerous awards as well as seven number one and five top 10 chart positions beyond the UK's border.

But that was before acts like Blue and Atomic Kitten started popping up at the top of the charts and stealing the thunder from solo pop artists. Its one thing to sing a couple of covers for your debut, but by the second album you would expect to see something fresh and upbeat. On his latest offering Go Your Own Way he suffers the same faults as Westlife have had over the years – some upbeat pop moments - but one that isn't going to match those early Westlife singles like Swear It Again and If I Let You Go. The current hit single Spirit In The Sky with the Kumars of the hit TV show we all know and love – is another pointless cover of a lesser known 70’s song that nobody heard or cared about. And despite his bad choice of songs to record, he probably will manage to sell a few albums. I'm not going to lie and pretend that his Go Your Own Way is a great record. It's actually quite a major disappointment with all the great bubblegum pop that is out there at the moment. It could have been a much better release in tune with the pop scene of today. Gates seems to think its still 1999 with this release.

So this is another one of those disposable pop albums that you listen to once or twice in your life before throwing it away with the rest of the junk you bought. Still if you liked the last Westlife album, you’ll love this. For the rest of us - his tears, goodbyes and music are best left for those for whom they're intended. His original fan base of 7-11 year olds.

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