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Room 5 - Music & You Earlier last year, Room 5 gave the UK charts an out and out funky house anthem with their Music & You that stood proudly at No.1 for 4 consecutive weeks. Its slick soul vocals (courtesy of Oliver Cheatham) and simple, but devastating production from mastermind Vito Lucente (aka Junior Jack) proved an irresistible mix to club goers and DJs alike.

Their debut album - Music & You - is just as infectiously catchy. It's stuck in my head and you canít help but groove along to the 70ís disco funk bass lines and 90ís dance floor feel Ė that sweeps the entire production. And Iíll let you in on as to why it works. Itís courtesy disco man Oliver Cheatham. The man is in his mid fifties now Ė and for those of you to young to remember- in the spring of 1983, Cheatham had his biggest hit with Get Down Saturday Night that sold well over a million copies in the UK alone.

20 years later in 2003, Room 5 released the track Make Luv, which was based on that old hit-record. And the big surprise was that Oliver Cheatham agreed to make a surprise-appearance on that single. Itís not a groundbreaking tune but it doesnít try to be. And youíve probably know the song by heart, even without knowing that you do. For their Make Luv track is the song in the new unforgettable Axe Pulse Deo Advert Ė you know, the one which features the nerdy guy - who starts dancing in the bar, and then those two hot girls dance with him. Yep, it goes ďI Like To PartyÖĒ and thatís exactly the message most of the 10 tracks on this album convey. Plus youíve got Disco teamster Cheatham on another infectious anthem on the album, so thatís another thing to look forward to.

So get set for Room 5 and their world of fast nights, hi-class disco, and 21st century soul music. By mixing superlative soul vocals and a swerving bass line fit for those cooler club floors. Room 5 formulate another Saturday night non stop dance album that will carry you through the weekend and beyond. Good for a couple of spins on your CD player and the dance floor.

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