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Westlife have sold more than 30 million records, notched up a record-breaking seven successive UK No 1s and are millionaires into the bargain. How does that make them feel? Happy? Confident? On top of the world?

In an exclusive interview with The Record, the boys confessed to that slightly unsettling feeling in the pit of their stomachs, their new video and even some wild times they've had in India. Here's the chat with the pretty boys of pop...

Pressure at Turning Point:
Kian: This is a turning point. We've got to succeed with this record. After we released our greatest hits album, Unbreakable, last year, many people thought that was it for Westlife. They didn't think we were coming back. We know that if Turn Around isn't up to the standard of previous albums we're in trouble.

Mark: We've achieved record sales of more than 30 million. Nobody can take that away from us. The only pressure we have is to sustain that success. If we don't we'll be nothing more than a big lump of meat to a bunch of vultures. There are people who'd love to attack us. We're only human. Of course we worry about the day all this ends. We're hoping this album will keep Westlife going.

Nicky: We all share the same goals. We're never happy being No 2, we want to be No 1. We want to be headliners. The main attraction. The best. Bands have started to challenge our position. It's more difficult for us to get It's Different!

Mark: We wanted to try out a different style of song, to carry us into the new album. We certainly would never feel right trying to change our style by trying to become an R&B or rock group. We'll always be a pop group, with strong vocals.

Kian: Variety's the spice of life too!

Mark: That's it! And, the third single will be something a little different too, just to spice things up a bit. The beauty of pop music is that you can experiment a bit more. We just want to showcase the variety of pop songs on our albums, so that's why we released something different.

For the Love of Money Vs. the Love for Music
Mark: I think it'd be very selfish of us to just do what we want and not think about what's going to sell, like do a rock song one minute and tomorrow whatever we fancy. You have to have some sort of consistency in a group and we're lucky enough to be famous across the world. We just respect our fans and respect that they like us because of what we've done in the past. We can change within reason and add a bit of ourselves to each track, but it's strong melodies and good pop songs that people expect from us. At the end of the day, if we want to play around and write songs that are a little different, then we can do that back in our hotel rooms or at home.

You can read the rest of our exclusive interview with Westlife in the March 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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