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The band started out playing for fun. Now they’re making some seriously good music. The Record talks to rockers Zero about music, adventures on tour and an interesting marketing tactic based on piracy.

THE RECORD: You won at the Great Indian Rock festival. What does that translate into?
Sidd: A free trip to the US, hopefully no visa problems, we’d like to do a full tour of the states. Greener pastures and all that.

TR: You’ve played around the India– what are different crowds like?
Bobby: Bombay is the worst place for accepting original music. Delhi was so far the most accepting crowd.
Sidd: They don’t throw bottles like Bombay.

TR: Tell us some crazy touring stories.
Sidd: The most famous one is of Rajeev beating up someone at a show. This guy kept jumping up on stage and showing us the middle finger, so after about six or seven songs Rajeev lost it. The guy jumped on stage again and Rajeev thrashed him. He threw him down in one little pit and started thrashing him. We got heat for that for some time.
Rajeev: We had this really weird interview in Rourkee. We’re in this spaced out place in IIT Rourkee in this small dirty guest house type thing. This girl comes on this small rattling scooter type thing. She comes up and says ‘Me Dainik Jagran!’
Sidd: She came in while I was changing that too! And goes ‘Excuse me’. Band here? Zero band? Or some such. And asked us some really strange questions.

TR: An Indian band playing purely western is not acceptable according to some people. What’s your take on that?
Bobby: The whole purpose of starting the band was to have fun and it just went on from there. Somewhere along the way it suddenly became serious and professional and people really wanted to listen to our music so we started recording it. We’ve never really gone out with the intention of getting a record deal.
We intentionally are not changing our sound just so that record labels can come pick us up. We’re going to go the other way, we’re keeping our own sound – if they pick us up, well and good, if not, we just go our own way.
Rajeev: You’ve got to do what you’re comfortable with. We relate to this kind of music because it’s what we heard growing up.

TR: You’ve managed pretty well without a record label. How is that?
Sidd: We put out our first CD in 2000 we made it ourselves, sold it and people still ask us for it even now. We don’t really like it too much because it sounds like shit but people still want it. We don’t even have any copies anymore.
Rajeev: What we’ve done over the past year is get our music out there consciously in the form of getting our CD out. We distribute it ourselves – we give it at shows, and going that route we’ve sold about 2000 CDs. This is without doing any promotion or distribution. We sell about 200-250 CDs at a show sometimes.

You can read the rest of our feature on Zero in the March 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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