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The Passion Of The Christ - Motion Picture Soundtrack Actor turned director Mel Gibson is no stranger to controversy, having been blamed for anti-British sentiment for his movie The Patriot - and even single handedly creating Scottish devolution with Braveheart. However, with his latest effort he seems to have done good. For The Passion Of Christ as a film, has rocked the box office worldwide due to its brilliant cinematography and tear evoking moments – and is on it’s way to becoming of the most successful and profitable Hollywood movies ever made.

And the movies soundtrack is a tale in itself - that will take listeners on a moving, haunting story of Christ's journey right upto his death. Crafted by the same man with a commendable soundtrack making record under his belt, John Debney surprises people for scoring Passion Of Christ to follow his light-hearted musical scoring in Jim Carey's Liar Liar. His tracks are scene-specific, for almost all the songs are composed for a particular scene or event in Christ's life as portrayed in the film. Flagellation, in its floating, percussion dominated sound, is used in the film's introduction. Christ in his walk to the stations goes with Bearing The Cross, mostly a chant melody with a bit of middle eastern influence. The crucifixion, another heavy part of the flick, is made more intense by the careful drum rolling, followed by majestic string melody and choir ensembles of Crucifixion. As Mary agonizes at the sight of the crucified Jesus, one of the most heart-wrenching parts of the film, it is accompanied by the creeping sound of Mary Goes To Jesus. The scoring finishes off with the Resurrection, filled with choir vocals that emanate triumph, which is appropriate to the resurrection of Christ.

Debney seems to have done his homework well, for he tends to emulate Peter Gabriel's soundtrack for The Last Temptation Of Christ in some places, and the Duduk (a rare Armenian wind instrument with sound qualities similar to the clarinet) a supposed novelty in this album - has been already used in the Gladiator soundtrack for one. The graphic and at times disturbing film deals with the hours before the crucifixion and the crucifixion itself - and there’s no denying the fact that the music does move you, just as the film itself does. This score will undoubtedly receive one of many Oscar nominations come next Oscar night. Two thumbs up all the way – just like the movie itself.

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